A3 One To One

Our 1:1 Vision:

Providing the tools necessary to empower students to become global citizens and lifelong learners, Anderson Three students will be prepared to graduate with World-class knowledge and skills. They will approach problem solving collaboratively and be able to process complex situations by considering multiple perspectives and using tools and techniques from across disciplines.

Anderson School District Three will use this site to share information about our 1:1 initiative and projects.

Our 1:1 Story:

Over the pass several years Anderson Three has placed both iPads, Laptops, and Chromebooks into classrooms with a class set or traveling cart style system. This addition of technology into our teaching has been tremendously successful and achieved the following highlights:

  • MAP testing completed in just days for subjects compared to weeks with traditional testing methods
  • Minimized interruption to instruction for PASS testing
  • Observable increase in overall staff utilization of technology
  • More teachers are willing to learn/find new technology resources because their students are able to use them
  • Observable increase in student engagement in classrooms where technology is being effectively utilized
  • Utilized various online curriculum effectively across all many subjects
  • Differentiation and individualized learning inside classrooms has increased
  • Student printing greatly reduced due to 100% cloud storage
  • Overall considered a major success

It is our hope that the continuation of this PROVEN pilot with be as successful as we work to expand the program to other schools and grade levels across Anderson School District Three.