portrait of a graduate

Preparing Students for Success in College, Career & Life in the Era of

Change & Innovation

what is portrait of a graduate?


Portrait of a Graduate is a process by which we, as a community, ask, “What should a graduate of Athens City Schools look like?” Locally developed and globally positioned, the portrait will serve as a North Star in developing and implementing our strategic plan for preparing students for the incredible opportunities and challenges of today and tomorrow.

The design process involves the entire school community - educators, students, parents, businesses and others - as we collectively define a visual and practical representation of the goals our community and schools can work toward to incorporate and ensure 21st century learning experiences for all students.

why a portrait of a graduate?

our students deserve every opportunity to succeed in school, the workplace, & in life.

The world is changing. Experts argue over what the jobs market will look like in 10 or 20 years' time, but they all agree - it is changing faster than at any other time in history.

Today's elementary school students will end up in jobs that do not even exist today.

In today's increasingly global and innovative economy, students must be well prepared to contribute and compete to achieve success. As a community, we must ask ourselves if our current educational model is preparing students to succeed in school, the workplace, and in life. The development of a clear picture that defines our end goal for our students is the first step in framing a new vision for our school system.

The Future of work: Will our children be prepared?

Most likely to succeed

how will we develop the portrait?

as a community connected by education.

The Portrait of a Graduate is a picture. This picture will be a community-created and owned vision that captures the hopes and dreams for the students of Athens City Schools. To create this metaphorical picture, we will establish a design team made up of interested and invested community members. This team will include a cross-section of business and industry leaders, families, higher education representatives, teachers, social service agencies, school and district leaders and more.

Every effort will be made to ensure our Portrait of a Graduate will be reflective of all the all the voices in our community. These voices, in the form of the portrait, will necessarily inform the decisions made by our school system as school and district leaders strategically identify and address the areas of opportunity that exist for our students.

the design team

leaders who will help the community shape the conversation surrounding our portrait.

The design team includes of a cross-section of community leaders selected by the district Strategic Planning Committee. The design team will facilitate and lead the community effort as we ask ourselves these essential questions: What are the hopes, aspirations, and dreams that this community has for our young people? What are the characteristics, capabilities, habits of mind, and skills that our children need for success in this rapidly changing and complex world? What are the implications for the student experience provided in our schools across all grade levels?

The design team includes business leaders, teachers, parents, students, Board of Education members, Instructional Leadership Team members, and representatives from local post-secondary institutions.


Authentic Collaboration

Diligent, High-quality Research

Reliable Sources of Relevant Information & Resources

Community Meetings, Thought Exchanges, & Opportunities for Constructive Feedback

the final product

A UNIQUE athens city schools portrait of a graduate.

The design team, in authentic collaboration with the community, will develop a unique portrait reflecting the shared vision of the Athens City Schools community. To get an idea of what our portrait might look like, take a look at a few portraits from other school systems across the country.

explore these resources.

We have compiled a selection of resources to help prepare the hearts and minds of our community as - together - we explore the changing world and the requisite shift in the education landscape that is already underway to meet the new challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. This is an invitation to consider the possibility of re-imagining education. As you explore these resources, you are encouraged to thoughtfully consider how some of these ideas could make sense for our school community.

What to watch.

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What to read.

timeline & activites

October 2018 Initial Meeting with Internal Stakeholders

October-November 2018 Establish the Design Team

November 2018 Design Team Meeting 1 - Organize, Plan & Begin Research

January 2019 Design Team Meeting 2

January 11, 2019 Introduce & Share Portrait of a Graduate with School Administrators

January - March 2019 Design Team Research, Meetings & Discussions

February 2019 Design Team Meeting 3

February 4, 2019 Community Meeting1 (Visioning)

February-March 2019 Share Portrait with Larger Community - Revise as Needed

April 30, 2019 Community Meeting 2 (Drafting)

May - June 2019 Present Final Portrait for Board Approval & Begin the Strategic Plan

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