ACS Professional Learning

Athens City Schools Instructional Target

Our district one-page Instructional Target was created in collaboration with Athens City educators at all levels. It serves as the vision for instructional improvement for our district. Having this focused, concise plan assists with setting pertinent goals and offering intentional professional learning opportunities.

One Page Target 2018-2020.pdf

Quarterly Q & A

Each quarter during the school year, the Curriculum and Instruction department will share with teachers a “Question and Answer Document” intended to provide guidance on curriculum and instruction matters for Athens City Schools. We will gather questions from teachers and collaborate with principals and school leaders to develop responses to your inquiries. We hope that this will be helpful.

The Question and Answer Document for the first quarter is to the right. This first quarterly Q and A was driven by questions frequently heard by administrators and district staff. Your questions will be the focus of future editions.

Curriculum Q and A.pdf

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