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Welcome to the Athens City Schools eLearning website for students and parents. This site provides the information and resources necessary to satisfy requirements for eLearning for students as part of the Athens City Schools Plan for Instructional Continuity.

Trust and Confidence

As a community connected by education, our concern is always for the well-being of all our students and employees. As a school system serving more than 4000 families and employing 500+, we have a serious obligation to prepare and plan for any emergency that could create large-scale impact to the breadth of community members and campus operations. Sometimes, this means exploring alternative instructional delivery methods. While there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Athens City Schools, we have been working diligently to prepare for any eventuality that could affect our school community.

We are following the ACS Plan for Instructional Continuity. This is a plan that outlines how we deliver eLearning days in the event of school closure. While making the switch to eLearning will be a new experience for us as a school family, trust that we will get through it together.

This website is designed to be a resource for parents and students to help you navigate this temporary transition to eLearning.