Updates on various ACRA initiatives.


Presented at the December 18th BWVC Committee Meeting

ACRA MISSION: ACRA is dedicated to preserving and nurturing the strong sense of community among the villages of Arden, Ardentown, and Ardencroft creating an environment in which all ages learn, play and socialize together.

1. We have read the Village of Arden Conflict of Interest Policy and the BWVC Community Event Sponsor Form and see only one possible conflict: During the House and Garden Reception we put out an ACRA donation bucket and collect from $25-75. ACRA, however, has a situation which is perhaps unique from other users of the BWVC. Like the Buzz, we are in part funded yearly from donations from the three Arden villages which come from land rent paid by members. Therefore, any donations we receive during events go into the same “pot.” This is also relevant to the items that we borrow from the Buzz listed below. If we buy coffee urns or chairs and tables for use once or twice year (and build another shed for storage), these fund will come out of donations funded from land rent. The result will be the residents of the Ardens’ buying duplicate equipment.

2. ACRA’s historically approved no-charge use of Buzz facilities and properties:

a. Five-week summer program. ACRA has exclusive use of BWVC for five weeks with no other activities except for Awakened Heart, including set-up and clean-up days. ACRA pays for bottled water and custodial fees. Program Executive Director gets a key to Buzz for summer program, as well as members of the summer committee.

b. Monthly Board meetings; occasional sub-committee meetings (e.g directory committee, summer committee, solicitation committee).

c. Events at the Buzz: House and Garden reception; includes use of all facilities, including tablecloths.

d. Equipment for Outside Events: table and chairs (4th of July), tables and coffee urns (pancake breakfast), coffee urns (coffee booth), table and chairs (adventure games), water coolers.

e. Sheds – ACRA has had exclusive use of the two sheds. ACRA maintains the sheds (repaired the roof on one shed last year).

3. ACRA pays regular Potions, Peddlers, and Practitioners rental rate for Arden Fair Coffee booth.

4. ACRA-BWVC liaison: Peter Compo, Treasurer (302-290-1414, will serve as liaison.

5. Questions: a. ACRA scheduling events--how should we secure dates and access for our 2018 meetings and events? b. ACRA storage needs in the Buzz (in addition to Sheds): space for the paint supplies that were under the display case (about 2 medium-sized tubs space) has been resolved, we believe to the satisfaction of the BWVC. c. ACRA received a grant for the Buzz Mural from the “Aaron & Sally Hamberger Fund;” how do we coordinate installation with BWVC?

Statement and Motion Presented to the Village of Arden Town Assembly on January 20th 2018.


ACRA is dedicated to preserving and nurturing the strong sense of community among the villages of Arden, Ardentown and Ardencroft, creating an environment in which all ages learn, play and socialize together.

January, 2018

To: Village of Arden Town Assembly

Arden Community Recreation Association (ACRA) is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization that exclusively serves the residents of Arden, Ardentown, and Ardencroft with programing that ranges from community events to operating the 5-week summer program for the children and grandchildren of the Ardens. In 2018 we celebrate ACRA’s 70th anniversary. Over these years, generations of Ardenites have attended events and the summer program, volunteered their time, served on the board, contributed donations, and generally made ACRA part of the fabric of the community.

Every resident of the Ardens is a member of ACRA, and we hope you are familiar with all of our programs and services:

· Complementary ACRA Neighborhood Phone Directory

· Spring Egg Hunt

· House & Garden Tour and Reception

· Summer Program for the Children of the Ardens

· July 4th Games on the Green

· ACRA at the Arden Fair

· Halloween Party

· Pancake Breakfast in the Woods

· Holiday Party

· Special Events (e.g. Pop-up Hot Chocolate Bar, Speakeasy Fund Raiser with Archives, Valentines for over 80s, Adventure Games, etc.)

For decades, a special relationship has existed between ACRA and the Village of Arden, in particular with the Buzz Ware Village Center (BWVC). Recently, the BWVC Committee has expressed concern that this relationship between ACRA and the BWVC is improper. The Committee’s position puts the partnership with ACRA and its programming for Village residents at risk.

ACRA supports and respects the BWVC Committee’s discipline in BWVC operations. The BWVC is a wonderful luxury for a community as small as ours, and it should be used fairly and efficiently. In their efforts to be even-handed to all parties, the Committee has expressed that it is unfair to give a single organization special consideration. They have even questioned the legality of such treatment.

Despite the Committee’s concerns, there is nothing improper about special arrangements by municipalities. Municipalities routinely offer organizations grants to run after-school programs or provide arts events. The three Villages have adopted this practice, and each have provided grants of financial support to ACRA, approved in their Village budgets, for many years.

We appreciate that the BWVC Committee struggles to allow ACRA the use and privileges it has enjoyed for decades without allowing all other organizations the same privileges. Therefore, we are coming to Town Assembly to request the guidance that the historically strong partnership between ACRA and the Village is proper and authorized. Our motion is designed to clarify this relationship between the Village and ACRA and reaffirm the Village’s support for ACRA’s programs. Without clarity and affirmation of support, ACRA will reconsider programming accordingly.

Thank you for your consideration,

Pam Politis and Pete Compo

ACRA Board Members and Village of Arden Residents.


MOTION on Village of Arden Relationship with ACRA

MOTION: The Village of Arden supports the Arden Community Recreation Association, Inc. (ACRA) and its mission to preserve and nurture a strong sense of community among the residents of the villages of Arden, Ardentown, and Ardencroft, creating an environment in which all ages learn, play and socialize together. In support of ACRA, the Town Assembly grants special privileges for the use of Village of Arden property, buildings and grounds to ACRA for various activities. The Town Assembly grants these privileges to ACRA based on ACRA’s unique mission serving the residents of the Village and the long-standing history of ACRA as a trustworthy, reliable partner in providing programming to the benefit of the residents of the Village.

As part of the Village’s support of ACRA, the Buzz Ware Village Center (BWVC) Committee shall provide to ACRA use of the BWVC property, building, and grounds consistent with historical practices.