My true-love sure is generous! Look at all the cool stuff I have received! I have always wanted a pear tree and a sweet partridge sitting on top was an added bonus. On the first day . . .

Of course, my true-love is a little scatterbrained and kept forgetting what gifts were given so each day I got a new gift but the problem was that my true-love would repeat all the gifts I received on previous day. Wow-oh-wow-oh-wow! By the end of the twelve days I had 12 pear trees-along with 12 partridges. Not to mention all the other duplicate gifts.

As you can imagine, my home has been much disrupted. I need a VACATION! All of my money is in my lock-box but I have forgotten the lock codes to open all the locks I have. See, each day of Christmas I added a new lock to the box. I was afraid all those birds would shred the money for nests and all those maids, lords, ladies, pipers, and drummers were demanding money for food.

Would you help me figure out the lock codes? Each day has a new challenge that will help you with the locks. By the 12th day we will have all the codes.

Thank you for your help!