Our Services

Tree Felling

Cedarwood Tree Services in Lancashire take the worry out of choosing a domestic or commercial tree surgeon. We we have the experience, training, skills, ability and knowledge to complete complex straight tree felling and sectional tree felling jobs with confidence.

In our 10 years of trading in Lancashire we have had no accidents, no damage to property or people and therefore no insurance claims and we always leave the work site clean and tidy. The best way to see our tree felling work for yourself is by giving us a call or email.

Straight Tree Felling

A notch is taken from the tree low down and the tree is felled with control over the direction. There must be enough clearance around the tree and no obstructions for the tree felling to be done safely. This method is mainly used in forestry but can often be used in tree surgery.

Sectional Tree Felling

Using ropes and harnesses we can climb any tree and fell or prune it in a safe controlled way. Limbs, branches or timber sections can be lowered to the ground using special rigging techniques, avoiding obstructions such as buildings or other small tree or shrubs.