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KZZH Is Streaming Live!

Access Humboldt's community radio station KZZH-LP 96.7 is now available online. Click the button at left to find out what's happening now in Humboldt County.

Statement of Access Humboldt regarding the Local and Independent Television Protection Act:

Sean Taketa McLaughlin, executive director of Access Humboldt, released this statement in response to Rep. Huffman's reintroduction of the Local and Independent Television Protection Act:

“The broadcast TV market area of Eureka extends from Southern Oregon into the Northern parts of Mendocino County, including the entire Lost Coast of Northern California. Since the FCC allowed for greater consolidation of absentee ownership, in this market, Sinclair Broadcasting bought four of the ‘local’ TV stations among many others. Sinclair's regional operation is based in Redding/Chico with a satellite facility operating the station in Eureka market.

“The FCC's flawed decision to allow more concentration of absentee ownership and management of our media clearly diminishes unique local content, harms diversity of voices and reduces competition in the marketplace of ideas. So, we applaud Representative Huffman's leadership and resolve to address this important issue - to roll back the "UHF waiver" rule by the FCC and to require that local TV broadcasters do not dominate and control local news.” (Read more...)