In-School Suspension

Goal: The goal of In-School Suspension is to provide an opportunity for students to correct their behavior without sending the student home or having to serve out-of-school suspensions. Renaissance Academy will make every reasonable effort to keep a non-compliant or disruptive student at school, working with them to correct their behavior, so they may return to their normal school day.

Students may be assigned to In-School Suspension for many different reasons. When a student is non-compliant with any staff member, including (but not limited to) classroom teachers, staff assistants, bus drivers, and/or administration, the Renaissance Academy Director may choose to assign a student to Intensive Support Services (ISS) or Boot Camp (BC). ISS may be for an hour(s) or day(s), depending on the infraction, offense, or the student’s discipline history. The Director may choose to assign a student to BC on his/her first offense, depending on the severity of the infraction. The time assigned to In-School Suspension will be at the discretion of the Director, or his designee, of Renaissance Academy.

How Does it Work?

Once a student has been assigned In-School Suspension, the In-School Suspension Staff will contact the student’s parent/guardian to inform them that their student has been assigned ISS or BC and answer any questions the parent/guardian may have.

What Will Students Do in In-School Suspension?

Students may participate in any or all of the following activities while in ISS or BC. It will be up to the ISS or BC Instructor to assign any or all of the following activities:

Outside Activities:

  • Intense physical training may include: walking/marching through the neighborhood, exercising on Cherry HiIl, running on the track, using the obstacle course, push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, side-straddle hops, participating in “milk-crate” activities, pole drills, etc.

  • Students may be tending to the maintenance of the campus and the surrounding area, which may include: cutting grass, raking, weed pulling, picking up trash, etc.

Inside Activities:

  • Students will be assigned to work detail, which may include: cafeteria clean-up, deep cleaning in the main buildings, laundry, cleaning school buses, etc.

Students will be responsible for completing the work they miss by not being in the classroom. They will not be given time during ISS or BC to complete their work. Once ISS or BC is successfully completed, the student will have 3 school days to complete his/her assignments.

Students who may have a temporary or long-term disability AND are put on profile by the school nurse may have activities tailored to their abilities.