Welcome to my website!

Since Fall 2010 I have been teaching at Williams. I serve on several committees, teach Student Library Assistants each block, and get to work with all departments and students.

My goal is to support students and teachers by providing access to a well-curated and accessible Library space and collection. I also strive to help teachers and students be successful using information and technology.

Ms. Caviness and I are the WHS Elon Academy Advocates. As Advocates, we work to promote Elon Academy to 9th grade students and work with Elon Academy staff to help support Scholars grades 10-12.

I love Elon Academy! It is a great opportunity for ABSS students and their families. One of my favorite days is when students find out if they have been accepted into the program.

From 2019-2021 I served as the District High School Level Media Lead. I worked with Mrs. Ysteboe at Western Middle and Mrs. Nebrig at Highland Elementary to help facilitate district level PD for Librarians.

All Media and Technology contacts work to provide access to reliable resources. We have a good group who are willing to help each other and share resources.

I grew up in WNC, and am a proud graduate of SMHS, where I had some great teachers. I loved AP US History, Honors Biology, and Advanced Topics in Learning. I was also a Library Assistant - I did a lot of pre-calc homework after I finished library work.

I have three brothers, and I am the only person in my family who is not a lawyer. Two of my brothers work with our parents, and my other brother is clerking for a judge right now. I once thought I wanted to be on the NC Supreme Court, but working at Elon's Writing Center in undergrad got me hooked on education! I was also a Biology Lab Assistant, and a TA for a British Lit class.

Besides books, I love Carolina basketball, Boxers (best breed), North Carolina (I'm a 5th+ generation Tar Heel), the Appalachian mountains, and recipes. Currently, I am really loving this strawberry crumble. It is easy & delicious!

BA Elon University 2005



I double-majored in History and English at Elon, and have my MAT for Secondary English Education and MSLS from UNC-CH. During grad school, I worked at the North Carolina Collection Gallery in Wilson Library, and at the UNC Writing Center.

Why did I decide to become a librarian? I like books, helping people, and learning things, so working in a high school library is my dream job! I like getting to work with all the students and all the teachers, and staff.

I became a librarian because I know access to education and resources can change lives.

Good teachers and resources changed my grandfather's life. Even though he had a pretty terrible childhood, he did have access to education, and teachers who cared about him. He read every book in his high school library. After WWII he went to UNC-CH on hard work and the GI Bill - he became a lawyer, arguing before the United States Supreme Court, and working in North Carolina to develop laws to help kids with childhoods like his.

Education has always been important in my family, and we all love to read. Both of my grandmothers were teachers - one graduated from Elon way back in 1943!

I've been a member of NCSLMA for several years, and have presented at the annual conference in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2019. I've also gotten two Read2Succeed grants, working with Mr. Ringwalt and Mr. Schledorn and Ms. Caldwell. I appreciate the work NCSLMA does to promote opportunities for students in North Carolina.

I was in the 5th TLA cohort, sponsored by Impact Alamance. It was a great experience! Mr. Alvis and Coach Athas were also in this cohort.