Mrs. Albright

6th Grade Science

What are you going to be Learning?

This year we will be learning about a number of different topics.

  • Earth, Sun, and Moon
  • Waves Properties
  • Sound and Light
  • Thermal Energy
  • Matter
  • Earth Structure, Plate Tectonics
  • Soil
  • Plant Structures, Reproduction, and Behavior
  • Ecosystems

Science & Social Studies Binder

This is a great tool that I will be using throughout the year. Students will need a 1" inch binder with loose leaf notebook paper *Check the Helpful Links for more information.* This resource keeps the students organized in my class and it keeps all our information in one location. These binders are wonderful for review in the coming NC final exams.

Wish List:

This is a link to my wish list on Amazon. You can purchase items or share with others to help supply our classroom. Thank you for all your help!

Mrs. Albright's Classroom Wish List