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Mrs. Pastor recommends...

I had the good fortune of attending the Discovery Museums of Acton Lecture Series where Katherine Reynolds Lewis spoke regarding the research behind her recent publication. Although she addresses shifts in cultural norms that impact children’s behavior, the bulk of her text addresses practical steps for both parents and school communities. If you find that your go-to methods of discipline are ineffective, you’ll discover why this is so, and will be armed with meaningful approaches to guiding positive behaviors. Click here to access her website and to learn more.

This is the 2019th edition of a decades-old classic used by educators and parents alike. Making time to read aloud is as pertinent today as it was in 1982 when first published. Your child/children are never too old to benefit from a shared family reading experience. The research supports the value of print reading in this digital age, not only to support comprehension, but to establish and strengthen the complex networks essential to the reading brain.

New York Times Book Review editors penned this text specifically for parents and caregivers. The authors offer sage advice for each developmental stage of childhood from infancy to the teen years. You'll also find a generous assortment of recommended titles with accompanying synopses that range from traditional childhood classics to contemporary graphic novels.