• EVERYONE register for 2022-2023 lessons here! (Beginning and advanced)

  • Welcome to the Acton Elementary Bands! We are excited to have a brand new year of lessons and ensemble block for our students.

  • Miss the Instrument Petting Zoo? No worries! Teachers will be doing Instrument Demos the week of 9/6 in all schools.

  • Lessons will be group lessons and will start the week of 9/19. The schedule can be found under the Lesson Schedule tab.

  • All lessons are GROUP lessons with the same instrument (flute players will all be together, percussionists will all be together, etc).

  • Lesson locations are TBD, please drop off your child at the front of the school no more than 10 minutes before their lesson time.

  • Ensemble Block meets during the school day. The schedule can also be found under the Lesson Schedule tab.

Please email Kristen Dye (kdye@abschools.org) or Michael Soo (msoo@abschools.org) with any questions you may have! We look forward to making music this year!