the LLJ Club

the Language-learner Journaling Club

What is the LLJ Club?

I am trying to create a casual online community of language learners who want to harness the power of journalling. The idea is that it is easier to stay motivated and keep journalling if you belong to a community and have journalling buddies.

My research focuses on language learner autonomy. I want to find ways to help language learners reflect on their learning, motivate themselves, manage their own learning, and become more effective at learning their target language. This project is part of my research. 

LLJ Clubって何



Why journalling?

Journalling in your target language (the language you are studying) has many uses and benefits. You can...


目標言語(学習しよ うとしている言語のこと)でジャーナリングをすると様々な使い道や利点があります:

Why a community?

Journalling is something you do alone, isn't it? What need is there for a community? Well, starting a journal in your target language (the language you are trying to learn) is easy, but giving it up is even easier. Most people find it difficult to keep up the habit - if they are working alone. However, if you belong to a community of LLJers (language-learner journallers), you can find inspiration and motivation. You can get encouragement and moral support. You can learn how other people use their journals and how they study their target language, and get ideas that will help you learn your target language more effectively.


ジャーナリングは一人でやるものでしょう?コミュニティなんかは必要ないのでは?実は、目標言語(学習しよ うとしている言語のこと)で書く日記をつけ出すのは簡単ですが、それをあきらめるのはもっと簡単です。ほとんどの人は、目標言語で日記をつける習慣をなかなか維持できないのです。しかし、言語学習者ジャーナラーのコミュニティに所属していれば、ひらめきやモチベーション、励まし、心の支えなどを得ることができます。他の人がどのように日記を使い、どのように目標言語を勉強しているかを知ることで、より効果的に学ぶアイデアを得ることができます。

Who can join?

Anyone who is studying a language and wants to try journalling and sharing ideas can join. It doesn't matter what level you are at, and there is no pressure or obligations. You can participate as much or as little as you want, and you can leave the community any time you want.



How do I join up?

① Use this link to join our Discord community: If you don't already have a Discord account, you will need to sign up for free. Once you are in the group, you can read advice and ideas from me and other members, join conversations, and share your own ideas. You can also use the community to look for a journalling buddy or sub-group. 

② Start keeping a journal in your target language. Try to develop a system that works for you. Write about anything you want; explore different ways of using your journal; and find a good way to monitor your own journalling habits. The goal is to research yourself as a language learner. This will naturally motivate you and help you to become a better language learner.


① 次のリンクからDiscordのコミュニティーに入ってください:。まだDiscordのアカウントをお持ちでない方は、無料でサインアップする必要があります。グループに入ると、私や他のメンバーからのアドバイスやアイデアを読んだり、会話に参加したり、自分のアイデアを共有したりすることができます。また、ジャーナリングのバディ(相棒)やサブグループを探すこともできます。


About me

My name is Henry Foster. I am an associate professor in the English Department at Bukkyo University in Kyoto, Japan. I hold an Ed.D. in TESOL from Anaheim university. At present, my research is focused on these questions: 

By being a member of the LLJ Club community and participating at any level, you will be contributing to my research.

If you have questions or comments, you can email me at



LLJ Clubに参加することで、私の研究に貢献することになりますので、お待ちしております🙇

ご質問やご意見がありましたら、 までメールでご連絡ください。

Why "abiloon"? I'm originally from Minnesota, USA, where the state bird is the loon. When I opened a small language school many years ago, I combined the Japanese name for this bird, "abi" (アビ), with the English name, loon, and voilà! Abiloon was born.