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I will be using this website to inform you of assignments and information that will be helpful as we continue our distance learning adventures.

Wonders - The students will click on Wonders and then go to 2020 Keester. They will then use their own code to log in. I emailed their code to you a couple of weeks ago. It is the 3 object code.

SWUN Math - The log in will be Keester

Go Noodle is a fun site to get your kids moving. I am still working on this site for you. It is a good site for exercise.

March 1, 2021

Wonders= Unit 7 week 2 = Letter of the week is Gg and the words of the week are of and they.

When working on assignments online please be sure to click the submit button when you complete your assignment. That way I can tell which assignments you have done. Please be sure to do the assignments that are marked . This will be labeled by the unit and the week. I will always post the unit and the week on the website. If you want to go back and work on previous assignments that you didn't do, I encourage you to do that.

Essential Question- How do you take care of different kinds of pets?

This week we will read to find out how to take care of different kinds of pets.

Vocabulary words= responsibility, train, depend, compared and social

Literature Big Book= 1. The Birthday Pet. 2. The Perfect Pet

Interactive Read Aloud= The Family Pet

Wonders Big Book= I Hug Gus

Little Book= A Lot of Fun!, In the crab book page 199

Please have your materials ready for the week.

Please pull Unit 7 Week 2 pages from the yellow crab book and paper clip them together. That way your child can easily find their work. Please have your child put a post it note in their math book so that they can find their page easily.

Weekly outline for ELA

Monday= circle map

Tuesday= Reading Folder (composition book), Handwriting (alphabet book), workbook page from the yellow crab book and the little book from the yellow crab book.

Wednesday= Asynchronous Work Day,

Thursday= Word of the week page, from the stapled pack of words,

Friday= Reading Folder (composition book), Little book from the yellow crab book, Spelling list page. Pages paper clipped together and it will say, at the bottom, what unit and what week we are on.

Important information= I will be using small group time for the next two weeks to do assessments. Please show up at your regular scheduled time and I will let you know who I will be working with. Thank you.

I will be working with reading groups from 12:25-12:50. Monday= Purple group, Tuesday= Blue group, Thursday= Green group, Friday= Red group.

Purple group = Dominique, Bryan, Jace, TJ, Arshan

Green group = Harley, Kaley, Mathew, Makaela, Ziah

Blue group = Fatima, Brihat, Isaac, Gwen, Irie, Rosie

Red group = Jacob, Grecia, Luis, Sahib, Imela

I will continue to work with the ELD groups from 11:55-12:25. Monday and Thursday= the sea turtle group and Tuesday and Friday= the flamingo group. Please login to Imagine Learning on the opposite day of your ELD group. You are asked to do 60 minutes of Imagine Learning each week. Each session takes time. Please allow enough time to complete your lesson.

Sea Turtles = Jacob, Luis, Fatima

Flamingos = Gwen, Sahib, Brihat, Imela

Extra Reading group = Sahib, Jacob, Grecia, Luis, Rosie, Irie This group meets with Ms. Maggie on Monday and Thursday from 1:10-1:40 in Ms. Maggie's Google Classroom. The code is 3whkjuv

*There are many resources below that I thought you would enjoy. Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

ABC Mouse is there for you, don't forget I sent you your own passcode.

Please check out the assignments I have given on this site.

Please go to student tab to access math assignments.

National Geographic for Kids

Story Line on line

Practice your typing skills!

Imagine Learning