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The Hash House Harriers are a world wide misorganisation with Hash's in just about every major city. Go to the search page to find a hash near you. The Toulouse Hash House Harriers were founded in October 2002. We are a family oriented hash and welcome runners and walkers of all ages and abilitys. Runs will normally last around 1 to 1 1/2 hours with a shorter route for walkers. The Hash normally takes place within a 60 minute radius of Toulouse.

Virgin Hashers are always welcome - joining could not be easier just turn up at a run and bring 5 Euros.

We will run on the second Sunday of each month, please verify with the calendar precise time and location because the date can change!. Bring 5 Euros cash per person children free! to cover refreshments, which will include beer, soft drinks, water, munchies and of course beer.

Run departs at 15:00 sharp, please arrive at 14:30

Hash #257 19 March 2023

Hares: Rocket Pants and Rocket Lips

Join us for a "Saint Patrick’s Day" themed Hash around the charming town of Léguevin on Sunday 19th March 2023 starting at 15:00 as usual (please arrive a few minutes before to allow a prompt departure).

Please come suitably attired to express your inner Irish personality – green accessories, Guinness memorabilia, leprechaun hats... Creativity is encouraged.

The hash will start and end from a large car park by Lac de la Mouline on the opposite side of the road from the Tempo Arts Theatre on the D824 Avenue de Gascogne.

Google Maps:   

(GPS coordinates: N 43.6003, E 1.2393)

Hares Rocket Lips & Rocket Pants promise a fun trail. You will even be challenged en route to spot a feature identified at the start, to make the trail more interesting.

If you plan to come, please reply to this email if you can – it's nice to have some idea of the numbers for the beer/snacks purchase.

Please remember to bring your own drinking pot, water and 5 euro for Hash Cash (under 12s join for free).

Emergency contact phone: 06 51 84 24 29.

We hope to see you there!


Toulouse Hash House Harriers

Next Hash Hash #253 20 Nov 2022 

Hare: VC

The november hash will be on Sunday November 20th, hared by VC.

The departure will be at the usual time 3pm, at :

1 Dom. de l'Albarède, AUZIELLE

GPS Coord :  43.543905, 1.572199

There will be a short run, a long run and a trail for walkers...

Hope to see you there.

HASH TRASH # 252  

Twenty Years of THHH, Colomiers; Sunday 30 October 2022 

View Photo Album 

Twenty four hashers including the hares, ET & Cunning Linguist, participated in this exceptional event, chez ET in Colomiers yesterday. The hash was organised by ET as a celebration of 20 years of our hash and he invited Cunning Linguist, our first Grand Master (GN) to make a long voyage from his exotic homeland (Bali & USA) to mark our milestone. Many old faces and a few new, also responded, some by e-mail with good wishes, sorry they couldn’t come, and happily many, “returners” to see how the hash was faring and so it was a worthy assembly that took to the trail on this unseasonably warm day as organised by Its Complicated in his role as Religious Advisor (RA).

Sadly, Lapdancer, a THHH founder and dedicated hasher, couldn’t join us for this special event due to a debilitating back issue, which we all hope is very temporary. Also, good wishes were sent by several other hashers marking the event; DIY/Bearded Clam/Taupeless/Master Blaster/ Dr Who/Domina Trix/Cheesy Lollipop/Sweet Pea/IP/Wandering Two Lips.

In the circle we;

Overall, it was a very well attended hash, with a great turn out of returners & familiar hashers.

Twenty photos of the event have been shared on Google photos with the attendees and remote hashers who kept in touch (who have google addresses). For those without a Google account or wishing to view them here is a link;


Dates of future THHH Hash events are listed below to help you plan your participation.

Sunday 20th November – VC may hare a hash on this day. Watch your e-mail for details if it is possible for him he will inform us all.

December Hash – early in month hared by Lapdancer (TBC) with the usual Christmas delicacies .

January 2023 – Burns Hash hosted and hared by Hairy Shoes & Short Shift.

February 2023 – Maybe Honey Pot & Its Complicated

Attendees or non-attendees; we love to hear if you intend to come to the hash to provision the refreshments and to help Short Shift plan the beer supply. Thanks to all who did bother to let us know; it did help. 

Next Hash #250 Sunday September 18 2022

Hare: Cheesy Lolipop

The Toulouse Hash House Harriers' September hash will be organized on Sunday 18th at 15:00, in the Forêt de Bouconne to the north west of Toulouse. It will be hared by Cheesy Lollipop.

Kickoff from the Parking de l'aire forestière, 300 route de Lévignac, 31820 Pibrac.

GPS: 43.6426815,1.2248646.

Please arrive 15 minutes in advance, and bring your own water and beaker, along with 5€ towards the post-hash refreshments.

Next Hash #248 Sunday July 12 2022

Hares: Six Pack and Grotty Totty

July Hash details


Start at 3.00pm, 10 July 2022


Starting point: parking behind Menville Mairie (4 rue des Platanes, 31530 Menville). 


On On 


Six Pack and Grottie Tottie

Please remember to bring your own water , drinking beaker and 5 euro for hash cash.

In an emergency on the day  call me 06 51 84 24 29

Next Hash #247 Sunday June 12 2022

Hare: Lapdancer

The June hash will meet at my house 151 Route de Seilh, Cornebarrieu. Hash starts at 3 pm please arrive 15 minutes early.

The hash run/walk will be followed by a BBQ and the pool will be open if anyone wants to cool off. Please bring a dish (Sweet or Savoury) to share. Hash will provide the meat, beer wine etc...

In order to have an idea how much to buy please reply to this mail to confirm if you will be coming.

For directions please see map - park in Impasse de Chalets and we are first gate on right.

 On On


Next Hash #246 Sunday 15 May 2022

Hare: It's Complicated

Next Hash will be Sunday May 15 starting at 3pm from It's Complicated's place in Daux. There should be plenty of parking but if the driveway is full please park somewhere along the street or the side roads, as long as you’re not blocking any property access or the road. 

38 Chem. Saint-Roch, 31700 Daux

Next Hash #245 13 March 2022

Hare: Cheesey Lollipop

Next hash will be Sunday March 13 staring at 3pm. Location Parc naturel de Portet-sur-Garonne, Chem. du Port, 31120 Portet-sur-Garonne.

GPS: 43.52262, 1.42174 

See map below for precise location

Hash Trash #244 20 Feb 2022 - St. Lys

Hares: Rocket Pant and Rocket Lips

Eighteen Hashers including the hares, Rocket Lips and I, participated in what turned out to be a special hash around the charming village of Saint Lys yesterday.

Special, not because of the route but because we had a group of hashers who made it special.

Thanks to all who came and made this such fun, so memorable and paid us hares back for the task of setting the trail.

I am sorry that so many hashers missed the event.

The trail incorporated a real Labyrinth and a challenge to spot a historic plaque en route and answer a simple question about it in the circle. Lapdancer did one better and added his own research about this plaque, which was enjoyed by all.

We had lots of participation in the circle, which certainly added to the fun; too much to recount here but some highlights were:

A few photos of the event have been shared on Google photos.

For those without a Google account here is a link to view them;

Dates of the next couple of THHH Hash events are listed below to help you plan your participation.

Sunday 13th March 2022 – Cheesy Lollipop will hare

2nd April 2022 – Comminges Hash event in the Comminges area

TBD May 2022 – Hairy Clam will hare

Attendees or non-attendees; we love to hear if you intend to come to the hash to provision the refreshments and to help us plan. Thanks to all who did bother to let us know; it did help.

For details of exact locations & start times please look on our official THHH website

Or the Facebook site

Hares please provide details of your Hash start locations and confirm the date as early as possible to help get more participants at the Hash. You can write directly to all the hashers

Or to Lapdancer

Or  to me

Thanks to all enthusiastic hashers – without you there would be no THHH. To you all old & new hashers we are looking forward to sharing time with you on the trail at the next THHH Hash.


ON ON   Rocket Pants 

Next Hash #244 - Feb 20 - The Almost Valentines Hash

Hares: Rocket Pants and Rocket Lips

Please join us for the “Belated Valentine’s Day Hash 244 in the charming town of Saint Lys.

The Hares are Rocket Lips & Rocket Pants and the hash will start and end from a large car park by the Ruisseau de la Galage off the Avenue de la Gascone (D12) near its junction with Rue des Jardins in central St Lys.

GPS co-ordinates of the start are; N 43.51519 deg E 1.17566 deg

If you plan to come its nice for the beer/snacks purchase to have some idea of the numbers so please try to let me know if you will attend by reply to this invitation.

Please remember to bring your own drinking pot and 5 euro for Hash Cash….

There are two new features on this hash – a real Labyrinth and an extra challenge; you will pass this sign “en route”  

…..are you awake enough to spot it and answer a simple question in the circle?

 Emergency contact phone – 06 51 84 24 29

See Map Below

We hope to see you then.

On-On, Rocket Lips & Rocket Pants

Next Hash #243 - January 22, 2022 - Burns Hash

Hares: Short Shift and Hairy Shoes

Join us for the anual Burns hash on Saturday January 22 at 15:00. 

GPS: 43.56157, 1.21005

13 Chemin les Hauts de Fonbrennes, Fontenilles

After the hash we will have Haggis and typical Burns night food. Due to the current COVID situation it will be held outdoors and everyone will be required to have a negative COVID anti-gen test.

See map for location.

Next Hash #242 - December 05, 2021 Christmas Hash

Hares: Lapdancer and ET. - Colomiers

The December hash will start from ET's place in Colomiers. We will have ET's famous Mulled Wine as it is that time of the year. Please see map below for starting point.


12 All. de Compostelle

Will start at 3pm.

November Hash #241 Sunday 14 November 2021

Please join us for an Autumnal Hash on Sunday 14th November 2021 starting promptly at 15:00 from a car park in the Forest at GPS co-ordinates;

N 43.614493

E 1.197568

Google gives the address as  Av. de Bouconne, 31490 Merenvielle.  

Take the D42 road from Leguvin towards Lasserre & Merenvielle. After passing an iconic water tower on your right you enter the forest and the car park is about 0.5 km further on on your left. Your Hares, Rocket Lips & I will be at the picnic table at the far end of the Car Park. 

We will be starting promptly at 3 pm, so please try to arrive 15 minutes before with your 5 Euro, a drinking cup and water. 

HASH TRASH # 239 - The Garonne at Saubens. 

Sunday 19 September 2021

Last Sunday we had a challenging Hash along the East bank of the Garonne from Saubens to Roquettes, North of Muret. 


Hairy Clam was assisted by his wife, Beatrice, to lay the walking & running routes comprising a long walking route and a running trail with a hard/easy split along the Garonne through brambles and bamboo groves, a boule park and skirting a Vide Grenier to create a memorable long hash for all participants.


The runners and walkers had the choice of the hard/easy section; those who chose the hard had to walk across a girder over water and duck under fallen trees and navigate some slippery edges of the river, but were rewarded with impressive views of rapids, rocky outcrops and beaches by the water. It was a “one of a kind route”; I clocked the long /short split at 9.23 km – a record I think!


Sadly only six Hashers, including the Hares, enjoyed these trails. Hairy Clam proposes to reconvene next year when hopefully more people will join in. For my part I apologise if the publicity for this event was not received by everyone; please let me know if you didn’t see it.


We had an intimate circle and therein;

• Rewarded the hares for their hard work in creating such a challenging, long route.

• Hairy Clam did indeed cut a virgin path through brambles to make the route.

• Rewarded Beatrice for her snitch like efforts to start rumours of misdemeanours and

• Punished Tom (no Hash name yet!) for shortcutting


I circulated photos by mail to all who had a Google account I could find but if you didn’t see the photos they are available on Google photos by following the link


Next THHH Hash Event

Sunday 17th October 21 starting at 15:00 as usual – Swinging Down Under will hare; venue to be published nearer that time.

Or the Facebook site


Thanks to all enthusiastic hashers – without you there would be no THHH.


To you all old & new hashers we are looking forward to sharing time with you on the trail at the next THHH in October 2021


ON ON   Rocket Pants

July Hash #232 - Thil

July 19 2020 - Hares: Six Pack and Grotty Totty

The July hash will start and finish from Grotty Totty's house in Thil. We will have a BBQ after the hash and so please bring a dish to share.

Please see the map below for directions.

GPS: 43.71407, 1.15768

December Hash #228 - Rebigue 

December 15 2019 - Hare: Swinging Down Under.

The last THHH hash of the year will be organized on Sunday 15 December in Rebigue, in the côteaux to the south of Toulouse. Expect pleasant hills, old country lanes, modern mansions with Pyrénées views, mulled wine, mince pies, restrained songmaking and seasonal goodwill. 

The kickoff point will be just to the south of Rebigue Mairie, near the tennis courts (this being a very tennis court kind of neighbourhood, please make sure you arrive in your electric SUV with a little fake mud on the tires). 

Address: 16 Chemin de Fournier Bas, Rebigue, GPS: 43°29'20.0"N 1°28'21.4"E, information from a global advertising agency at

If lost on the day, call +33 663 82 75 26. 

On on

Swinging Down Under

October Hash #226 - Saint - Martin

Hare: Short Shift

‌You are kindly invited to the October Hash on Sunday 20th October at 251 Route de Bayonne, 31300 Toulouse, which is on the Saint-Martin side of the roundabout for Airbus, France.

We will start at 15:00 sharp so please arrive a few minutes before to surrender your 5 Euro contribution to the Hash Cash.

It is a still great weather for a hash so please join us.

Please remember to bring your own water and drinking cup/beaker to avoid plastic waste and shared “bacteria”.

The lonesome hare is Short Shift.

GPS co-ordinates of the start are;

43.608609 E 1.372518

On the day, in case of need, call +33(0)762913375 

July Hash - Hash Weekend July 20 - 21

This month we have a special weekend planned jointly with the Paris Sans Clue Hash. Starting with a "Red Dress - Down Town Run" on the evening of Saturday 20th July. Meet at 17:30 at Place de la Daurade, Toulouse for run and pub crawl around the streets of Toulouse.

Hares will be Locust and Happy Endings.

GPS 43.60158, 1.43923

Sunday July 21 we will have our Sunday Hash again jointly with the Paris Sans Clue hash. Hared by Wandering Tulips and followed by hash BBQ and party at Wandering Tulips house.

We will meet at Wandering Two Lips House 12 Rue de la Séoune, 31240 L’Union, France starts at 3pm as usual.

GPS 43.66678, 1.4845

Please bring a dish to share - Swimming pool will be open and so come prepared!

June Hash - Saturday June 15th 2019

Hare: Lapdancer

Starts at 15:00

The June Hash will start and finish at Lapdancer's house in Cornebarrieu. After the run we will have a BBQ and so please bring a dish to share - hash to supply meat, drinks...

Pool will be open and so come prepared.

Address: 151 Route de Seilh, Cornebarrieu

GPS: 43.66505, 1.34065

Next Hash - Sunday May 19th 2019

Hare: Swinging Down Under

Our May hash will be on next Sunday May 19th, in Pin-Balma, a little to the east of Toulouse. The kickoff point will be Place de la Mairie in Pin-Balma (just next to the church), leaving at 15:00. 

GPS: 43.6285 1.53352 

If lost: +33 663 82 75 26

What to expect? Old oak trees, forgotten country lanes, scenic views, landscaped gardens. There should be some liquid refreshments at the end too! A part of the trail will be suitable for strollers etc. 

HASH TRASH # 219 – March Hares Hash, 

Plaisance du Touch, Sunday 24th March 2019

Short Shift and Rocket Pants were the March Hares for this sunny event in the countryside along the banks of the Touch and around the Plaisance Lake.

Twenty hashers participated in this event, which was blessed by lovely sunny weather, with an air temperature perfect for a ramble or run. The hashers included the four stalwart Comminges Hashers and two Virgins, Janet & Chris who are caving friends of Grotty Totty.

Thanks to the persistence of Short Shift, who supplied beer from his own stock, there were two beer stops en route. The second stop being necessary as the runners passed by the first beer stop before the beer arrived!

The route was given an enthusiastic thumbs up when judged in the circle. I suspect any route would have been so judged on such a wonderful sunny day, so thanks are due to Its Complicated, our RA for arranging that.

We welcomed the two Virgin Visitors, who introduced themselves as Janet and Chris. Then Chris supported by Janet and Grotty Totty, gave us a jolly hearty rendition of “The Explorers”, a caving club drinking song that they had all shared in their past as fellow speleologists.

There were plenty of misdemeanours to punish in the circle; Snitch Bitch and Orally shortcut within the first 100 metres of the trail, we had two undressed hashers, ET & Nice Dish were “rewarded” for being perfect (how else could they be drawn into the circle?). We had returners too.

Snitch Bitch was invited in for a down-down to increase her Snitching creativity and the effect was almost immediate and infectious as ET sowed the idea that almost everyone breaks the passing rule. Mingling was no excuse for the walkers! After some creative debate (no rules etc) everyone except Swinging Down Under and Locust were punished for breaking the passing rule. (Locust went his own way and thus never passes anyone but still appeared back at the beer! SDU escaped but why?)

Two important requests were agreed in the circle; these are personal responsibilities of each Hasher attending future THHH events. Please try to remember to comply with the following. 

Meanwhile the mismanagement will try to purchase plastic beakers with THHH logo if they are sensibly priced.

HASH # 219- The March Hare Hash in Plaisance du Touch on SUNDAY 24th March 2019

Please join us for the ‘March Hares Hash’ on Sunday 24th March 2019 by the lake in Plaisance du Touch. Start is from the car park at the junction of Rue des Pecheurs and Rue du Touch. This hash starts promptly at the usual time 15:00 so please try to arrive 15 minutes before. 

The Hares are Rocket Lips & Rocket Pants

GPS co-ordinates of the start are;

N 43.566168 deg E 1.303934 deg

On the day, in case of need, call 06 51 84 24 29

On-On, Rocket Pants

Next Hash - Saturday 16th February 2019 #218

The next Toulouse Hash event is a joint event organised by the Comminges Hash on SATURDAY 16th February starting earlier than normal at 14:30.

Starting from the gorgeously appointed Le Fournil Gite and Holiday Home in Loudet

Please note it is in the Comminges area so plan to arrive by 14:15 to enable on time departure. 

Hares will be Whore in Bed and MP; their first time setting a trail but they are regular walkers in the area so we could be in for a treat (not to mention WIB is a devious b’stard!).

GPS co-ordinates of the start are;

43.14899, 0.57615

HASH TRASH # 217 – “He should have gone to Specsavers”

The BURNS HASH Fontenilles, Sunday 20 January 2019 

Short Shift and Rocket Pants were the trail masters and Hairy Shoes was the genial host of our annual BURNS HASH, which was enjoyed by all who braved the wet conditions for a thoroughly enjoyable and challenging event.

Short Shift explained the route holding a First Aid Kit to emphasis the rough terrain and deep river crossing that the runners would encounter. He demonstrated the markings, which were all laid with flour and 3 runners and 13 walkers strode out to follow the trail despite the rain. 

Locust, a hardy Hasher, dressed in his kilt and luminous pink T shirt insisted upon following the running trail and set off on his lonely way. Inevitably he ended up being left behind by the other runners…more of him later.

The walkers had a relatively simple route through the Fontenilles village and arrived to enjoy the Beer stop and return to the start in comfort.

Meanwhile the runners, were given the true Hash experience as they crossed fields riven with mud and cows footprints, hopped over two fences to arrive at a 4 meter deep ditch enclosing a rocky stream bordered by vicious brambles. Anally, one of the more eager runners, was straight across the stream having detected a blob of flour on the far bank. Lapdancer was far more sensible and cautiously edged his way over. All arrived safely on the other side. We were sure Locust would not find this part of the trail and so did not wait to see our fellow hasher across the ditch.

Anally was consistently the FRB, however, his mistaken identification of a painted white arrow as a trail mark, led him on a kilometre detour. He realised his mistake and when he joined his fellow runners was pleased to accept their advice that he “should have gone to Specsavers” as we only used flour…

5 minutes later we got to the Beer Stop, Short Shift, who was supplying the beer, informed us that the walkers had passed through 25 minutes before. We happily consumed the liquid and even took Locusts Beer as we were confident he would never have followed the trail – the rain had surely washed away its traces….how wrong we were.

Once all the group (sans Locust) arrived at the finish it was a short drive to Short Shift & Hairy Shoes’ house for the “Après hash circle” and party. Feeling concerned for our lonely walking runner, Short Shift went in search of Locust, who, it seemed, had just arrived at the Beer Stop. Locust insisted he would finish the trail. He was left to complete the route while everyone else enjoyed being in the warm and having their Apero. Locust, sometime later, was met at the finish and eventually was able to join the circle. And yes, he did find the cow path and the deep river crossing – thereby demonstrating a true Hashing spirit. 

The Burns circle was fun with the regular route judging, naming violations and rewards for kilt wearers, those sporting ginger hair and similar zany compliments and accusations.

As usual our visitors from the Comminges Hash joined in with gusto and we were pleased to see some returners and some “usual suspects.

Thanks go to Hairy Shoes and Short Shift in allowing us to come to their home again for a very comfortable Burns Hash Supper. And special thanks go to Hairy Shoes for providing us, once again, with her splendid Haggis dishes and especially for her keen demonstrations of Scottish Dancing. Hairy Shoes encouraged us all to have a go but only a few brave ones took part.

Thank you also goes to all Hashers who provided delicious dishes to share.

Hash Trash #216‌ Dec 09 2018

Lapdancer was the lone, heroic Hare for this picturesque Hash beside the majestic Garonne. The trail had been laid but due to a quick downpour of rain just before the start some flour markings had been partially washed away, making the route a little more challenging; hence the random right turns.

The trail, short for walkers and long for the runners, wound its way beside the Garonne and circled some pretty lakes. The Hashers traversed the big river twice providing lots of varied scenery and brushes with the local Hunters on this grey December day. Rain eliminated some flour making trail blazing an interesting exercise in “join up the dots”; thankfully Lapdancer kept us from deviating wildly by courageously running the trail again with us.

Twelve Hashers braved the weather, a little rain, a bit of wind and a lot of cloud. There was a slight December chill in the air but for the runners it was just perfect weather!

In the circle we: 

No Carols were sung at this event, but Mince Pies, Stollen, tasty Mulled Wine and Christmas Hats brought Christmas Cheer to the circle.

Future dates for your diary. 

Sunday 20th January 2019 – Hash # 217 The Burns Hash in Fontenilles 31470; Hares are Short Shift & Hairy Shoes

February etc – Waiting for volunteers….

To all Hashers old & new we are looking forward to sharing time with you on the trail at a THHH soon.

Meanwhile I wish all hashers a Merry Christmas, Joyeuses Fêtes, Frohe Feiertage, Nadolig Llawen, Prettige Festdagen

ON ON Rocket Pants 


Next Hash #216

This month's hash will be Sunday, December 9, in Gagnac Sur Garonne. Hare will be lapdancer. 

Take the D2 to Seilh and at the lights turn right on D63. Go over the river and at the first roundabout turn left. We meet at the car park on the left. See map below

We will have Mince Pies and Mulled Wine courtesy of ET's special recipe.

GPS: 43.70346, 1.36811

If lost call +33 6 73 76 86 26. 


Sweet Pea & IP’s ,Cambounet sur le Sor - Saturday 25th August 2018

Many thanks to Sweet Pea & IP, who Hared a ‘tricky trail ‘and hosted an extended Hash at their Home in Cambounet sur le Sor. This destination has become something of a THHH fixture, and this year was no exception with laughter and joviality all round.

19 hashers made the journey and some accepted their host’s thoughtful invitation to stay the night to avoid drinking and driving. A smart move because it was continued well into the dark hours; time flies when you are having fun - ET got 7 of us back home circa 23:00! Thank you for driving ET.

The trail was cleverly laid with circles at strategic points that were not easy to guess. In addition some crucial marks had been erased by animals (we suspect) so that occasionally we needed the kind assistance of Sweet Pea and IP to put us on the right track. So despite these challenges, all the runners found the beer stop. The walk went a different route which didn’t include the beer stop – c’est la vie- but did include a river crossing- mon dieu, formidable!

We were all comfortably seated for the après – trail beer and moved to the host’s front yard to perform the circle, where we;

- Rewarded Sweet Pea & IP for their tricky, fun trail

- Named Sharon Love, hereafter to be respectfully addressed as Snitch Bitch; this by a unanimous vote for her natural snitching talent (Beware at future hashes the snitch is about)

- Welcomed Coffee Bean back as a returner and to demonstrate the art of the Down-Down (And yes I was beaten by a girl)

- Some songs were performed

- Welcomed Barbara and John again, two caving friends of Grotty Totty, who can sing and are natural hashers at heart.

- Punished Locust with a shot of water for wearing a Father Christmas hat in the circle. IP and Sweet Pea happened to have Xmas Hats too so the afternoon chant was “One Father Christmas drinks ALL Father Christmases drink”. 

- Rewarded four THHH founders; Lapdancer, Coffee Bean, ET and Wandering Two Lips for their long service. 

- Rewarded Hashers for forgetting items from the July Hash/BBQ which were kindly returned by Wandering Two Lips to their respective owners.

- Nic Beese then took an aerial photo of the circle using a drone

- Its Complicated our Religious Advisor (RA) got a Down - Down for the weather;

By this time it was getting a bit confusing - at least in my mind! so 

- Sweet Pea & IP then wrapped it up with their great rendition of Swing Low Sweet Chariot including silent & double quick verses

We dined on Pizza, generously provide by our hosts, and tasty snacks and desserts provided by the other Hashers.

Thanks again to Sweet Pea and IP who, as always, manage to make the August Hash one to remember. 


Chez Wandering & Whistling Two Lips’, L’Union - Sunday 22nd July 

Wandering Two Lips & Microscopic were the hares for this surprising and somewhat challenging trail through the countryside around l’Union.

This was a hash shared with the Sans Clue Hash, the new home hash of Wandering Two Lips (WTL), who moved to Paris for his work.

32 hashers, including 10 from the Sans Clue hash made this our biggest hash for as long as I have been counting.

Why was this hash surprising?

Well the first signs for those hashers, who don’t know WTL already, could see it would be no ordinary hash when the trail markings were explained. There were 6 new markings including Fish-Hooks, sending the leading X people to the rear of the pack and Check Backs sending all hashers back Y marks to continue in another direction. IP, an experienced hasher commented “this embodies all the marking he had ever seen at all the hashes he has run”.

Then there was the trail – a typical WTL trail for me will always include a few scratches and scrapes- we were not disappointed- one section through a field of nettles and brambles followed by a forest track where walking was difficult and impossible to run due to the narrow track and the acacia tree thorns.

Some hashers got lost and Microscopic kindly herded them along in the right direction; perhaps motivated to get them to the Beer Stop!

Altogether it was a great trail thanks to both hares - Microscopic, who laid the trail with WTL

We started and ended at WTL & Whistling Two Lips’ garden in L’Union, where we were comfortably seated for the après – trail beer and circle in the shade of their trees.

Mabouche, the Sans Clue hash RA & I jointly conducted the circle antics which included;

- Rewarding Microscopic & WTL for their challenging and inventive trail

- Welcoming 5 Virgins; Sara, Liz, JC, Tanyette and Gregoire – we hope to see you again

- A spot of singing by Up My Ass (UMA), who came with a file of songs….and the intention to sing them all

- Random rewards for Locust and his wife Sharon and Sara Breese

- A hash love song by IP to Sweet Pea & Mabouche

- A down- down for everyone not yet in centre circle

- Naming with a heavy dusting of flour and liquids of

Euan Mackle hereafter to be addressed as Eleven strokes

Thelma hereafter to be addressed as Nice Dish

- Sweet Pea & IP then sang a fine rendition of “I was Dogging”

- UMA , Mabouche & the Sans Clue hash then sang “The sexual life of a camel” 

- More Down-Downs for misdemeanours; real & imagined

- Sweet Pea & IP then wrapped it up with Swing Low Sweet Chariot including silent verses

The BBQ was fired up and we settled down for a BBQ and tasty side dishes provided by Whistling Two Lips and the Hashers who had read their invitation and came prepared.

Many thanks to WTL and Whistling Two Lips for their wonderful hospitality, to all the Sans Clue hashers, who travelled and made the hash special, and everybody who contributed to a memorable and relaxed extended afternoon hash.

Virgin’s and visitors beware – the hash is generally more basic and certainly less well provisioned.

Mail List

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SUNDAY September 18, Hare: Cheesy Lolipop