STUDENTS, please do the following as we begin the year.

  1. Visit Google Classroom and follow assignment instructions. (Sign-Up Codes are below).
    1. Patriot Treble = o47daab, Patriot Bass = b2zd342, Varsity Treble = r40klq, Easterners = 2mkzmc, Varsity Bass = 6xbjr20, Chamber = m3mqo8m
  2. Sign up for TEXT MESSAGE REMINDERS for your choir.

PARENTS/GUARDIANS, please do the following as we begin the school year.

  1. APPLETON EAST HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR HANDBOOK - Read this document and be familiar with the expectations and requirements of this ensemble.
  2. CHOIR CALENDAR: Put all choir events on your personal and family calendars. Click HERE to see the online Choir Calendar.
  3. PARTICIPATION AND UNIFORM CONTRACT: Print these two pages, sign them, and return it to choir with the $25 Uniform Rental Fee. (If you are unable to pay this, please note this on the form when you return it.)
  4. PRIVATE VOICE LESSONS (Optional): Fill out this form and return it if you are interested in lessons this year.
  5. Fill out this online form. Thank you! PARENT INFORMATION AND VOLUNTEER SURVEY