2014 Event

2014 Program

On-stage Hosts

Evie VanDeWege is a senior at Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor. She plays varsity volleyball and tennis and loves to stay active. Her family of 5 is always a source of entertainment and she loves to spend time with them. Evie also enjoys volunteering and getting out to explore new areas of the community, which is one of the reasons she got involved with TEDx talks. For next year she plans on going to college and pursuing a major in rehabilitation sciences. Where she is not sure yet, but growing up in Ann Arbor has made her a strong U of M fan. Evie is excited and ready to show Ann Arbor's intelligent youth to the community, toTED and to everyone else.

Mackenzie O'Connor is a senior at Pioneer High School where she plays field hockey, was a host for local talent show Future Stars and was also on their Poetry Slam team. She saw her first Ted Talk when she saw a video of Pioneer Philosophy teacher, JR, speaking at the U of M visit. She says that Ted Talks are some of the most intriguing she has ever watched and finds it amazing to hear how passionate the speakers are about their topic. After high school, Mackenzie plans to study Broadcast Journalism.


8:00AM - 10:00am

Marianne Cowherd (11 Community):

Science, Youth, and You

Alona Henig (11 Community):

Song: No Scrubs/Daydreamer

Max Albert (12 Pioneer):


Maya Gianchandani (12 Skyline):

An Industrialized Education

Break for conversation

10:00 - 10:20am


10:25am - 12:00pm

Gabriel Cornier-Bridgeforth (12 Steiner) :

Behind the Smile

Isabel Doades (10 Skyline):

Words or Swords?

Sofie Kromis (12 Community):

Dancers -Sofia Fall, Louisa Judge, Sofia Sylvester

Why Dance Makes Sense

Aaron Stryker (12 Skyline):

Challenging Conceptions of Health

Hannah Clague, Maddi Hagan, Jackie Qiu (12 Skyline):

The Value of Public Education

Bobby Boyle (11 Skyline):

Why Philosophy

Lunch and Music

12:00pm - 12:30pm

Huron Acapella Singers


Dark Horse by Katy Perry arr. Kyp Papageorgiou

Brianna Briegel, Pedro Esteva III, Sara Jay, Chelsea Koga, Adam Kruger

John Nicoli, Kyp Papageorgiou, Mateo Piper, Aly Reynolds, Maadi Srinivasan

Cameron Stein, Topher Wang, Katherine Wardner

Treble Makers

Bellas Final/Madness opb The Barden Belois (arr. Ed Boyer, Ben Bdram & Deke Sharon) & Muse (arr. Maadi Srinivasan)

Maya Dalack, Becca Deakin, Emily Dodge, Anna Fansler, Tasia Gibson, Sara Jay, Izzy Matossian

Emily Paige, Rashmi Pandian, Aly Reynolds, Maadi Srinivasan, Katherine Wardner


12:35pm - 2:00pm

Morgan Burgard (12 Pioneer):

The Key to the Lock

Mira Heaney (10 Skyline):

Thoughts on Modern Feminism

Trevor Force (9 Skyline):

The Power of the High Five

Irene Wei (11 Pioneer):

Decoding Life Through Art

Dominick DeFazio (12 Pioneer):

The Possibilities of Confidence

Alice Held (12 Community):

Recovery: Breaking the Silence

Break for conversation

2:00pm - 2:20pm

Set four: SOCIETY

2:25pm - 4:00pm

Dante Kabat (11 Huron):

Interpreting the World

Johannes Steiling (10 Skyline):

Why We Need Net Neutrality

Dana Shin (12 Pioneer):

Kiss Our Skeletons

Wei Wen Balter (12 Skyline) & Sean Jacobi (12 Community):

The Invisible T: Issues Facing Transgender People Today

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