Announcing the opening of "The Majesty of Tibet" – January 15, 2019 at Islip Art Museum. Please click the link below to find out the whole story. http://www.echinaart.com/artist/YuHanYu/IslipArtMuseum/IslipArtMuseum.htm

We look forward to greeting you at the opening reception at Islip Art Museum on February 9, 2019 from 1 – 4pm "Meet the Artist". There will be a formal tea ceremony; a celebration of Chinese New Year with music and dance, and traditional foods.

For further information, please contact Lynda A. Moran, Executive Director of IAM at 631-224-5420.

Join our musicians and dancer Judy Yeh, Victor Chang and Bingting Chen at the concerts on

Saturday 2/9/2019 2 - 3pm "Chinese Music and Dance"

during the reception of "The Majesty of Tibet"at Islip Art Museum50 Irish Lane, East Islip, NY 11730

Sunday 2/10/2019 2 - 4pm "Chinese Silk & Bamboo Music"

at the upper Carriage House in Bayard Cutting Arboretum440 Montauk Hwy., Great River, NY 11739

Wednesday 2/13/2019 7 - 8:30pm "Chinese Music and Dance"

at Northport Public Library151 Laurel Ave, Northport, NY 11768
Bamboo Flute Player - Victor Chang
Dancer and Guzheng Player - Bingting Chen
Guqin Player - Judy Yeh



~ 3/9/2019 1pm - Soul of a Demon 蝴蝶 ~ 6/15/2019 1pm - It Takes Two to Tango 車拼~ 9/21/2019 1pm - Tomorrow Comes Today 你的今天和我的明天 ~ 12/14/2019 1pm - Zoom Hunting 獵豔

at the Farmingdale Public Library, 116 Merritts Rd, Farmingdale, NY 11735

For directions or more information call the Farmingdale Public Library at 516-249-9090

Soul of a Demon.docx


3/17   2pm - Twa-Tiu-Tiann  大稻埕

Twa-Tiu-Tiann 大稻埕

12/15   2pm - Port of Mists  如霧起時

Port of Mists 如霧起時

6/16   2pm - Attabu  阿罩霧風雲

Attabu 阿罩霧風雲

9/15   2pm - Partners in Crime  共犯

Partners in Crime 共犯

This series is presented in collaboration with Farmingdale Public Library, and major support from the Taiwan Cinema Toolkit, Taiwan, R.O.C. and the Taipei Cultural Center in New York.

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