AERO 48 Quick Info

CompuCom AERO Backoffice

Call IVR (866) 923-9194 Option 6, Option 2 for back office

Back office hours: 7 AM CST - 7 PM CST, Monday through Friday

Amber Austin | Senior Project Coordinator / Scheduling


Cellphone: 309-642-9404

Robin Williams / Interim AERO Trainer


Cellphone: 501-580-8937

Travel Approval (Flights/Hotels)

For hotels stays, you will need to fill out the Hotel Reservation Form found at this link:

Keep in mind that hotel stays are only authorized if your site is 3 hours or more away from your home base. Please supply your justification on the Hotel Reservation form. You MUST attach your current work schedule to form.

If you have any questions about travel, please email Casey Landrum (west coast) or Robin Williams (east coast).

Always email first before calling.

Robin Williams: 501-580-8937


Casey Landrum: 205-441-4485


Fieldglass - Time and Expense Reporting

Submit only ONE expense report and ONE timesheet each week.

Timesheets Due: Friday's

Expense Reports Due: Thursday's

Expenses reported will be from the previous Friday to Thursday.

If you are unable to submit your expense report or time sheet on time in Fieldglass then you are required to email/text your manager (Casey Landrum or Robin Williams). If you do not have an expense report or time sheet to submit for the week then you are required to email/text your manager (Casey Landrum or Robin Williams).

The CAT team manages the Fieldglass application at CompuCom for all Vendors and Contractors.


Available Monday through Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm CST

Task Code in Fieldglass for timesheets must be:

STATE FARM INSURANCE (8888986) - US | Q2012-30204 | 3.2 | Dispatch Shared | 8888986 | STATE FARM INSURANCE(US | Q2012-30204 | 3.2) - Default


Murtech Installers:

Primary Contact

Cotton Phillips

mobile 216-534-4632

office 216-750-2174

Backup Contact

Andy Ringer

mobile 330-715-6582

office 216-750-2179

Operations Contact (hours, expenses, billing)

Amanda Galvin

mobile 330-603-9901

office 216-750-2165

APEX Installers:

Richard Pinapfel | Account Manager


8700 W Bryn Mawr, Suite 700S

Chicago, IL 60631

Office: 773-824-1032 | Cell: 702-460-2698

MyApex Time and Expense Reporting -

– You’ll have access to the MyApex Time Entry System and Portal Friday afternoon (typically by 4pm EST) your first week. We appreciate you entering your hours on a weekly basis by Sunday night at 11:59pm EST via MyApex Time Entry Site.

****Please remember to enter your hours by the Sunday (11:59pm EST) deadline, or else your pay will be on your next week’s check.

If you ever have any questions or issues related to MyApex, Benefits, Trainings, etc. Contact Contractor Care:


Phone: 866-612-2739

Below is the proper way to input mileage into Fieldglass.


Submitting your Timesheet in Fieldglass

Click on "Complete Time Sheet"

Scroll down to +add task. 1 click on +add task. 2 enter new task code q2012-30204. 3 click on apply filters.

4 click add task (could look different select one with Q2012-30204)

You should now see the screen below. Read the note on bottom of page. "These tasks are automatically added on future time sheets unless you do not use them for 90 days or the tasks are removed from your profile"

After you have input your start time, any lunches and end times, you will notice the total will turn red. This is because you must also enter the total hours in the section just below it. Once you have done this, the font will turn from red to black.