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NGSS Resources

A Framework for K-12 Science Education: Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas 2012 this is a free download

Taking Science to School free download, referenced in framework

Bozeman NGSS Videos videos on practices, crosscutting concepts and ALL core ideas

Teaching Channel Guide to NGSS

NGSS Evidence Statements- unpacked


NSTA NGSS curriculum planning and resources

NGSS Storylines

NGSS Bundles

SDCOE NGSS Resource Center - Filters NGSS by SEPs, CCC and DCI. Has additional resource links to each and links to Framework and NGSS.

STEM Teaching Tools

MI Science Plan materials that provide introductory experiences for teachers exploring the shifts in teaching described in A Framework for K12 Sci Ed

MDE- MI K-12 Science Standards Main Page

MDE- Main Page Link to Model Course Mapping

The Inquiry Project Library of Resources for Talk Science, how to lead your students in discussion that promote learning

Claim, Evidence, Reasoning

Prism Practice Resource in Science and Math- strategies to implement NGSS, whole 4th grade unit planned out

NGSS PD Resources from MSU

Padlet Wall of Resources from Brandi

Ambitious Science Teaching

Lesson/Unit Development

EQuIP Rubric for Lessons and Units

Wayne RESA searchable ngss lessons plus a wealth of other resources

CPalms searchable ngss lessons

Tools for Ambitious Science Teaching searchable ngss lesson, templates for rubrics, ideas for formative assessments


The Concord Consortium

Chemistry, Biology and Physics Sample NGSS Units

Better Lesson

NGSS Lesson Plans - lots of resources, bio lessons

3D NGSS Lesson Plans populated by MI

NGSS Completed Storylines

LAUSD NGSS HS Curriculum Maps

NSTA NGSS Classroom Lessons/Labs

Concord Consortium Path Finder through the NGSS


Space and Earth Science

Chemistry Resources

Engineering Resources

Teach Engineering Curriculum for k-12 teachers

Assessment Resources

3D Performance Assessment Samples

PSAT Practice Test and Keys

PALS performance assessment tasks

Problem Based Learning

Buck Institute for Learning

Knowledge in Action University of Washington

Citizen Scientist Projects/Data

Citizen scientist project finder (scistarter) This resource lets you search projects that you can do at school with your students for free. (Email me your favorites and I can add them below.)

Picture Post Our wetlands will be getting a picture post this fall. You can take your classes out or send a few students out to take pictures on the post and then upload them to the national website. You can then access the database and track phenological changes at our wetlands.

Wild Cam Gorongosa (HHMI) You are needed to help identify animals in Gorongosa from trail cameras as part of a conservation and restoration effort.


Technology Integration Matrix (TIM)

Other Resources

National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science

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Open Stax Online Books

Interactive Science

Online Labs in ALL areas of science

Curiosity Cabinet

WeatherBug school key code 4453-95606554

Science Notes Periodic Table

Data Nuggets activities using real data with claim, evidence and reasoninpictu

EarthScope Chronicles 25 short videos of scientists research

Phenomena for NGSS