Working Papers

'Fiscal Deficits as a Source of Boom and Bust under a Common Currency' (with Giovanni Ganelli), September 2018 (download as PDF file)

Technical Appendices

'A Further Contribution towards Explaining Why Disinflation through Currency Pegging May Cause a Boom: Technical Appendix' (accompanies article in Journal of International Money and Finance 30(3) (2011), 516-536) (download as PDF file)

'Output Persistence from Monetary Shocks with Staggered Prices or Wages under a Taylor Rule: Technical Appendix' (accompanies article in Economics Letters 105(2) (2009), 148-151 (download as PDF file)

Current Teaching

Macroeconomics 2 (BSc module; ECO00002I)
Macroeconomics 3 (BSc module; ECO00002H)
Advanced Macroeconomics (MSc module; ECO00001M)
Macroeconomics for Research (PhD module; ECO00069M)

Administrative Responsibilities

Member, UG Exceptional Circumstances Committee

PhD Students Supervised (with completion date)

Eugenia Anagnostopoulou (1988)
Roberto Rivera-Campos (1992)
Lei Zhang (1993)
Adrian Jimenez-Gomez (1993)
Gianluca Femminis (1995)
Barbara Roffia (1996)
Oreste Tristani (1996)
Jesus Otero (1998)
Guido Ascari (1998)
Giulio Piccirilli (1999)
Fabrizio Zampolli (2000)
Giovanni Ganelli (2002)
David Aikman (2002)
Chris Marsh (2005)
Dudley Cooke (2005)
Reginald Darius (2005)
Atsuyoshi Morozumi (2009)
Santiago Acosta Ormaechea (2009)
Christian Saborowski (2009)
Ian Corrick (2013)
Mashrur Khan (2018)

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