Xriva Enterprises

Xriva Enterprises (originally Xriva Software) was founded (virtually, anyway) because of some advice one of my Dad's friends provided me, years ago, right after I graduated from college. He said what I needed to do as I got started in the industry was to invent a company which would let me subscribe to the industry trade rags. What he didn't tell me was that as soon as you got one, many others magically appear, much to my Spousal Unit's chagrin.

The most useful place to have a software development company is when you want to be able to download code for testing and development. Xriva Software has been a member of the Sun Developer Program (RIP) and Oracle's developer program for a long time.

In fact, Xriva Software was a member of IBM PartnerWorld for quite a while, even after I joined IBM and could get all the stuff more easily through sites on the IBM intranet. Actually, I had two memberships for a time, one as an IBMer and one as President of Xriva Enterprises. I finally got a rather aggravated-sounding email one day, asking why I was in PartnerWorld twice. They consolidated the IDs, so I'm still President of Xriva Enterprises, I'm just an IBMer first (as it should be.) Of course, as an IBMer, I can't sign PartnerWorld documents for Xriva Software, so I had to add one my wife to my account. She signs documents. Oy vey.

Once I retired from IBM, it took a day or so, but then my IBM access was revoked, and now I'm back to just President of Xriva Enterprises, which is still much more important than being an insider. I'm now also President of DFW Cloud Solutions, which is a member of the IBM, Amazon and Microsoft developer programs. After joining each program as an outsider for the first time in nineteen years, I understand why people used to bitch at me about PartnerWorld rules and regulations.

I still get more invitations to IBM events as a Xriva Software person than as an IBMer, though. One of my co-workers joined the Xriva Software staff, just to test access to part of PartnerWorld. I never did find out if the test worked. She's retired from IBM now, but I think she's still on my staff.

In 2008, I actually filed a DBA to claim the name, and now I have to file quarterlies, which is a PITA, but so it goes. Someday, I will incorporate.