All About Me
    I love working with children and I always have!  My first jobs included babysitting and working as a ski instructor for over ten years at Wachusett Mountain (mostly with children).  
    Since gaining my undergraduate degree, I have been working in the Wachusett Regional School District for about nineteen and a half years: first as an instructional aide at Mountview Middle School in 1996, then as an instructional aide at Dawson Elementary School in 1997.  While looking for a teaching position, I was unable to find a classroom position in our district.  In 1998 decided to move to Colorado where I found work as an elementary school teacher in an urban school district. 
    After gaining valuable classroom teaching experience, I heard about a grade three teaching job opening at Dawson.  I applied, and was offered the position.  In September of 2000 I moved back home to teach in the district, and have stayed ever since.  
    In  September of 2014 my role changed from a classroom teacher to an English Language Learner teacher.  After so many years in the classroom, I have enjoyed adapting to the changes and challenges of this role while working with small groups of students from ages five to twelve.  
    While working as a teacher I have also continued to be a learner.  I have attained two masters degrees; one in Elementary Education with a concentration in reading and a second masters degree in Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).  
    I love coming to work everyday, and I really enjoy working with children!  
I hope you find this site useful.

             After School 
      Science Club Photos  

    Creating a chute for our sphere drop.  
     Designing a ramp for our race.     

Creating a floating structure to hold as many pennies as possible.   


   Creating a chute for our sphere drop.       

Creating launchers of pom-poms, ping pong balls, and foam cubes.   

Creating a floating structure to hold as many pennies as possible.