Performance Services:

Practical Solutions

for Work and Performance

We bring thirty years of experience to solving challenges in the work of performing research: In universities, government, non-profit, and independent research organizations, and research-oriented businesses and organizations. We have worked on and solved problems ranging from the nuts and bolts of how and why a research protocol changes when a key team member departs to top-level strategic reorganization involving thousands of people. And everything in between.

We've also authored four published books on practical, research-based approaches to critical challenges in work and performance. These books have been used in workplaces throughout North America and the world, and have been adapted into audiobooks, multimedia courses, training materials, and university courses. Writing about work and performance in practical ways makes us think hard about how real people use real solutions to solve real problems in real workplaces.

Working Groups of Professional Associates

All of our projects are performed by working groups of professional associates, who bring experience across a wide range of professional, industry, and university expertise. Together with you, we pick the working group that will best fit your needs--including if that's a working group of one. For this reason, you do not pay the overhead associated, for instance, with trying to retain full-time teams of recently-minted MBAs for you to educate as part of solving the problem you are trying to solve.

A Consulting Approach You Can Understand: A Project-Hour Approach

Thanks to our working group approach, our rates are generally about one-third less than the rates associated with big-name consulting firms. We like to think that both the depth and breadth of our experience gets you to a better solution, faster. In addition, all of our projects are both estimated and billed by the project hour, not the clock hour or the billable hour: The project hour is a unit of value that takes into account how long work takes, its difficulty, and its value to you. With a project-hour approach, you can, and should, look at any single entry on an estimate or a bill and know that it's providing you with exceptional value.

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