About Me

I have been teaching since 2007 and been in West Milford since 2010. I am a graduate of Indian Hills High School '99, Penn State University (BS) '03, East Stroudsburg University (MS) '04, and Ramapo College (MS Educational Technology) '16.

I love working in West Milford at Macopin. I enjoy chaperoning the activity nights and overnight field trips to Fairview Lake and Washington DC. In the winter, I am one of the advisors of the girls' fitness club. In the fall, I am the advisor of the Macopin tennis club. I work with an amazing group of people and we have a lot of fun everyday!

Ms. Segal, Ms. Boze and me at Fairview

In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, running to stay in shape, kayaking, playing tennis, golfing, and doing crossword puzzles. The ocean is my favorite place to be and I love taking an annual family trip down the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

Outer Banks, NC

I like to watch sports, both professional and college. Football is my favorite. On Saturdays in the fall, I root for Penn State (of course) and on Sundays, the NY Giants are my team.