Welcome to Second Grade

Dear Second Grader,


Hi! My name is Mrs. O’Brien. I am going to be your second grade teacher. I hope you are spending the last few days enjoying what's left of your summer vacation. I can't wait to meet you and swap stories about camp, vacations, moving and other activities. This summer I went to Wisconsin and Montana. Did you travel and explore new places?


I am very excited to be teaching second grade this year. We will be learning about so many interesting topics. We will be studying native people. In science, we will explore sun, moon and earth, light & sound, and life cycles. Also, we will read many interesting books, write, and increase our math skills!


I will be spending the next few days unpacking the classroom and getting ready for your arrival. I hope you are as enthusiastic as I am about starting school. I need your help to prepare for some of our first activities. I would like you to bring in an empty paper towel roll for an activity. Thanks. See you soon!


Sincerely yours,


Mrs. O’Brien