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Mr. Fiscus

Mr. Fiscus's Home Page Week

 "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth".  3 John 4

Guys' Middle School Bible   
Monday: Columbus Day
   Tuesday:    Chapter fifteen worksheet for Acts due
   Wednesday: Chapel 
   Thursday: Chapter sixteen worksheet for Acts due
   Friday: Study of the Book of Acts

Seventh Grade Language Arts:  includes English grammar and literature/introduction to Spanish  
    Monday:  Columbus Day
    Tuesday: typing outline
    Wednesday: work on covers
    Thursday: Review Spanish/Zones of Regulation
    Friday: Typing report

Eighth Language Arts: includes English grammar and literature/introduction to Spanish  
   Monday:  Columbus Day
    Tuesday: typing research outline
    Wednesday: Work on covers/Zones of Regulation
    Thursday: Introduce Spanish project for third quarter
    Friday: Typing reports

Sixth Grade Spanish:  Spanish house vocabulary quiz on Friday
Seventh Grade Spanish: Spanish house vocabulary quiz on Friday
Eighth Grade Spanish: Working on house project of Spanish-speaking countries

Classroom Supply List for 2019-20

Language Arts:  one inch binder, one set of dividers, lined notebook  paper, one composition notebook for Spanish, blue or black pen,  one red pen, highlighter, one hundred 3” x 5 '' note cards, small  pack of colored pencils

Bible: one pocket folder, pencil, and pen

Spanish: one pocket folder, pencil, and pen

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