Musical Notes

Each year Music Boosters awards grant money to students from the Westake City School District
so they can continue their music education. 
The money helps students offset the cost of various summer camps and programs. 

From: Neige
Camp Attended:  Baldwin-Wallace Music Theatre Camp

"The camp was super fun.  I made lots of friends.  We sang cool musical songs from SeussicalYou're a Good Man Charlie BrownMatilda, and Once." 

From Alexa, Grade 8:
"I attended LBMS summer band and advanced jazz ensemble. I enjoyed both camps because it was a relaxed atmosphere and we still learned a great deal. The times were great they were early, but not too early. The highlight of the camp was when we performed for everyone at the end of the camps. The performance was was fun and improvisational. I feel that with music, the more you play the more you learn and I learned a lot at the camps. That is how I benefited from summer band."

From Adrienne, Grade 10:
"I spent a few days this summer at the Baldwin Wallace string camp. It definitely improved my playing. I made new friends, some that were from Westlake, some that were not. If I wasn't already at the maximum age required for the camp, I would definitely do it again next year. I am happy I had the opportunity to go and experience this string camp."

From Elliot, Grade 8:
Camp Attended:  Wooster Music Camp
"My experience at Wooster Music Camp was so much fun! I met a lot of new people and made a lot of friends. Older kids didn’t act like they had seniority among us younger kids. They treated us as equals and friends. Music Boosters has given me $240 over the past two year to go to this amazing and wonderful camp. For that I thank them. Music is the one true thing that makes me instantly happy."

From Elliot's parent: "I can say that his experience at music camp has really expanded his musical horizons. He went from practicing 15 minutes a week to 1/2 a day and now plays two band instruments (baritone, tuba) and electric bass."