Playlist Usage

  • Adding a whole directory of songs:
    • Playlist admin / Add From File / Select a Directory in the file chooser dialog and click open

  • Adding a single song:
    • Playlist admin / Add From File / Select a single song in the file chooser dialog and click open

  • Adding a song/stream from a website (URL):
    • Playlist admin / Add From Url / Type in the URL (paste works as well)

  • Saving The Playlist:
    • Once you have a set of songs that you like you can save a playlist and then reload it with the
      Playlist admin / Add From Playlist File. If you save it in your java user directory as "jOggPlaylist.pls" It will automatically load this playlist on startup.

  • Removing songs:
    • To remove One song from your Drop down playlist...
      • Select the song to delete
      • Playlist admin / Delete Selected Song
    • To remove All songs from your Drop down playlist..
      • Playlist admin / Delete All

  • The Favourites / Checkboxes in the playlist
    • What is it?
      It is a way to fine tune the songs that actually get played. You might NEVER use these checkboxes.

    • How it works?
      If a song in the Playlist Dropdown does not have a checkmark IT WILL NOT get played. Simple eh?

    • Example usage.
      Lets say you load up your root directory of ogg songs. It has 500 songs in its subdirectories. But today you only want to listen to a sequential loop of 25 specific songs. (maybe some selected mellow tunes) You could first Playlist admin / Delete-Select All Favourite Checks Then scroll through the Playlist and put checkmarks beside the 25 mellow tunes you want to listen to, Close the dropdown playlist, make sure loop is checked, and CLICK the PLAY button