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Announcing the eRead Project for the Students and Staff of the Williamsville Schools!

This January, along with the Sherman and Williamsville Public Libraries,  the Williamsville School District’s three libraries joined the new 3M Cloud Library of ebooks.  Books from this collection can be searched, checked out, and downloaded via the SHARE Polaris catalog to a variety of devices, including the Nook Simple Touches available for checkout at the junior high and high school libraries. Students interested in checking out and using ebooks through the SHARE catalog must have already set up accounts or have an account that will be set up by their school’s library staff. Please note that District network security limits the ability of library staff to assist in the set-up and downloading of materials in the school setting. Please refer to the helpful links listed below regarding setting up and using the 3M Cloud app on your child's eReader, tablet or smart phone. Your local public library may also be able to assist.

Parents and students both must understand that both the SHARE catalog and 3M Cloud Library include materials from libraries serving all ages and all interests. It is important to note, as with anything online, it is the parents’ responsibility to supervise their child’s experiences while accessing and using SHARE and the 3M Cloud Library materials. Students must abide by the District’s acceptable use policies regarding access to materials through the Internet.

If you do not want your child participating in the 3M Cloud Library collection, please fill out the waiver and mail it to the attention of the District Librarian at the address given. 

Helpful Links to Using the 3M Cloud Library on Your Device

The 3M Cloud Library and Compatible Devices

Checkout Procedures Using Different Devices

3M Cloud Library and Your Kindle Fire HD

Transferring 3M Cloud eBooks from a PC to a personal e-Reader

On the YouTube 3M Cloud Library Channel 

In the spring of 2013, our District libraries were awarded a grant to purchase print and DVD materials that encourage the development of professional learning communities in the broad subject areas of: the Common Core, "social" or collaborative technologies and the "flipped classroom," and early literacy. The materials are housed in the professional collection at Williamsville High School Library and available for loan.