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February 12, 2018
This update by Mackenzie & Rhea
Super bowl: We had two paper football Super Bowls in room 10. One was between Mr. Jones and Mr. O. The loser had to wear the other person's team shirt. Mr. O lost so he had to wear a Giants' shirt all day on Super Bowl Friday. The score was 31-28. Mr. O almost won but he missed his two point conversion. 

The other Super Bowl was between Noah and Varun. We had a league and playoffs over about three weeks. Noah was AFC champ and Varun was NFC champ. It was a tight game but in the end Varun got one more touchdown to win it. Paper football season is over and now we have started penny hockey!

Pentominoes: Room 10 has started a new challenge called pentominoes. Pentominoes are all the shapes that you can make with five tiles touching. There are 12 shapes in all. The ultimate challenge is to put them together and build a 6 x 10 rectangle. There are over 2,000 solutions. Let's see how many room 10 can come up with! 

January 17, 2018
This update by Josh & Frankie
Julian Tells: Julian Tells is the book we are reading as a class. In the book there are mini-stories. Each chapter is it's own story but they are connected. We read a chapter and then we record questions and connections. We share our ideas together as a class or in a small group. This book is well approved by the class. Nice pick Mr. O! 

Magnets & Forces: In science we started a new unit on forces, magnets, and motion. For the past few days we have been working hard on figuring out an experiment that involves the "floating" paperclip. We learned that it is not floating it is really in a magnetic field that keeps it in the air. The  magnetic force is competing with gravity to keep it up. 


December 22, 2017
This Update by Mason & Varun
New Book: A new popular book in the class is....Hank The Cowdog! These books are funny, they have a lot of action, and they are good for kids. There are plenty in the series to keep you focused and interested. 

Essays: We've been writing passion opinion essays in class. You needed to pick something you are passionate about and convince someone through reasons why you are passionate about it. Some topics are: More homework, less school, more breaks, you should learn magic, cats are better than dogs, and more reading time, just to name a few. Pretty soon a class book will go home for parents to see. 

Water bottle Holders: Our water bottles kept being kicked and knocked over by other students. So, we came up with a solution - design & create our own water bottle holders! We designed in our journals, then we created with cardboard, tape, oaktag, and velcro. Once we built it we covered it in duct tape. There were many different designs. We had an exciting moment on 12/22 doing this STEM challenge. Mr. O should do this next year!!!



December 7, 2017
This Week's update by Melina & Sebastian
Last week we connected with our K-buddies from Ms. Wyner's class. We brought in games to play with our K-buds. We played games such as; CandyLand, Sorry, Trouble, Shoots & Ladders, and Enchanted Village. We had fun playing with them and they learned how to cooperate with each other, take turns, & be patient. 

We have snack every morning at 8:30-8:50. One day last week, Melina and Zach pulled out a double Cheez-it & a double Goldfish at the same time! Oh, you don't believe us? Then, take a look below. 


November 20, 2017
This week's update by Mackenzie & Rhea
Last week we had book buddies with Ms. Wyner's class. We see our buddies about once a month. When we saw them we did a science experiment. We dropped cranberries into water & Sprite to see if they would sink or float. They floated in both!!

We have been reading Mrs. Frisby & the Rats of NIMH. This Wednesday we will have PJ day and watch the movie version called The Secret of NIMH. It is a good book. Mackenzie thinks the book will be better than the movie and Rhea doesn't know!


November 13, 2017
This week's update by Anya & Addie
This week we started a new writing unit: The opinion unit. Mr. O read the book that last year's third graders created about opinions. After that, Mr. O gave us a writing prompt that said, Should we have assigned seats in school? We had to write the reasons why we agreed or disagreed. Lots more to come with this unit. We are excited to make our own book! 

Also, Cordia, Mackenzie, Anya, Rhea, & Mason are creating a job chart. Each week we will switch the jobs and one to two people will get vacation which means they won't have a job for that week. Mr. O gets the best job of all...Teacher!

November 2, 2017
This week's update by Cordia & Carlos
This past Monday was very windy and Happy Hollow lost power. The Boston students that go to HH could not go home so they came to Loker. Room 10 got two of these kids from third grade. They stayed for the day & some of the afternoon. 

Last week we had our Invention Convention. Parents came in and saw our inventions. It was a lot of fun. One thing we enjoyed was we got to create what our hearts desired and our brainy minds wanted to do. It was sad to take them apart. 

October 9, 2017
Highlights for the week:
Reading: Continue with our schema unit
Writing: Weekend News - "Zooming in" to add detail. We will also start our opinion writing unit.
Math: Subtraction Strategies
S/SS:  Electricity - switches and motors 
Social/Emotional: Academic discourse
We finally connected with our "Book Buddies". Ask your child about it.

October 2, 2017
Highlights for the week:
Reading: Continue with our schema unit
Writing: Weekend News - Showing it, not telling it
Math: Subtraction Strategies & posters.
S/SS:  Electricity
Social/Emotional: Academic discourse
We recently became a circuit. Ask you child about it.

September 25, 2017
Highlights for the week:
Reading: Start our unit on Schema/connection making while reading
Writing: Weekend News - Showing it, not telling it
Math: More Rounding work & Addition Strategies.

Book Bins - 2017

September 11, 2017
Highlights for the week:
Reading: learn the routines of reader's workshop. Increase our independent reading to 30 minutes. 
Writing: Learn the routine of writer's workshop. Write about our weekend by doing our first "Weekend News".
Math: Continue to introduce our independent math activities & set-up our math journals. 
S/SS: Learn to think like a scientist & set-up our science journals.  

September 5, 2017
Welcome to third grade! Plan for the week:
Reading: learn the routines of reader's workshop. Open up the class library. 
Writing: Learn the routine of writer's workshop. Write about summer!
Math: Learn some of my favorite games that we will come back to throughout the year. 
S/SS: Learn to think like a scientist. 

2017-18 Specials!




Strings or Music Workshop




Library & Art


Physical Education



                     Why Read?

Learning the Facts and Strategies for each



double the number



ends in 5 or 0...always!

-skip count by 5!



B x 1 = B  and B can be ANY number!


B x 0 = 0 and B can be ANY number!


The 1s plus a place value

Ex. 10 x 6 - 1x6 = 6 + a place value (which is times 10) = 60


1. 10s - 1s Ex. 9 x 9 is 9x10 = 90 - 9 =81

2. Pattern in answers.

3. Fingers.

4. Use foundation facts.

Ex. 9x7 = 9x2 + 9x5


2s plus 1s  Ex. 3x6 is 2x6 + 1x6


double the 2s. Ex. 4x8 is 2x4 + 2x4

The final 6 facts!

Decompose and Use the Foundation

Facts to help!


6x5 + 6x1


6x5 + 6x2


5x8 + 1x8


7x5 + 7x2


5x8 + 2x8


8x5 + 8x2 + 8x1

Multiplication Chart

There are 81 total facts..BUT, once you know a fact you can turn it around (5x2 = 2x5) using the commutative property so there are really only 45 to learn!

45 total to learn!

The  “Foundation Facts” are yellow


Once these are learned there are only 21 to go!

The 9s are pink.


Only 17 more!

The 3s and 4s are orange.


Only 6 to go!

The “Final 6” are green.


You got them all!