Welcome to Third Grade!!

Field Trips:

*November 9, 2018 = Plimoth Plantation

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Ms. Sontag's ELA Resource Site

Quote of Note: "Wag more Bark less!"


Monday = Music

Tuesday = Strings/Music Workshop

Wednesday = Technology

Thursday = Art & Library

Friday = Physical Education


This week in math we worked on proving how many single digit addition facts there are and that we need to know. After exploring with graph paper and Cuisenaire rods we determined that there are 45 facts. We did not count the zero facts or the "turn-around" facts.

9-21-18 Science! We discussed and practiced the roles for working in small groups while also learning that following directions is really important. Ask your child about it!

9-7-18 by Emily-Grace & Joshua Water Bottle Holders 2018-19

See some pictures below and click on link above for more photos and information about our first creative building challenge of the year!