Mission Statement

Wausau School District:
Our Mission...To advance student learning, achievement, and success.

My Teaching Mission Statement:
My Mission...To never stop learning and to prepare my students academically, socially and emotionally for their future in the 21st century high tech world.

My GT Mission Statement:
GT Mission...To meet the students where they are at and take them to the next level of learning, exploring, and questioning to prepare them with 21st Century skill sets.

The vision statement for the Wausau School District Gifted & Talented Program created by the GT Program Review Committee is listed below:

Our vision is to create an exemplary gifted & talented program that nurtures and challenges children in the identified area(s) of giftedness. We envision a program which includes the following components: (1) The K-12 regular education program is exemplary. (2) All participants are supportive. (3) All program functions are in place & supportive. (4) Programming options are systematic & continuous. (5) Student outcomes are used to evaluate program effectiveness & to promote program accountability.