Fab Lab Home

Welcome to the Wabeno Fab Lab!!!


As you can see, right now the website is pretty boring.  We do however have our cabinetry installed, and several 3-D printers up and running.  Next to get up and running will be the vinyl cutter and laser engravers.  Lastly, the CNC router and CNC plasma cutter.  Be advised though, that all equipment has finally arrived!!!

The tentative plan is to have the Fab Lab fully operational by the start of December, 2017.  The open hours to the public are tentatively being planned for times between 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm, every Monday and Wednesday until mid-June.  Hours will begin again in mid-August of 2018.  An official calendar will be published on our website as dates begin to solidify.

In order to participate using the Fab Lab equipment, one must be a Fab Lab member.  To be a member, please visit our General Information page.

Anyways, there is a lot yet to come and this website is being added to on almost an hourly basis.  So please be patient as we get things up and running.  


Tim Stolar - Fab Lab Director