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 New   Our paper "Challenges of Modeling and Analysis in Cybermanufacturing: A Review from a Machine Learning and Computation Perspective" is accepted by the Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing 2021. Congratulations to the author and coauthors! Jul.22, 2021.

 New   Our paper "Cost-Efficient Data-Driven Approach to Design Space Exploration for Personalized Geometric Design in Additive Manufacturing" is accepted by the ASME Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering 2021. Congratulations to the author and coauthors! Apr.4, 2021.

 New   Our paper "Pyramid Ensemble Convolutional Neural Network for Virtual Computed Tomography Image Prediction in a Selective Laser Melting Process" is accepted by the ASME Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering 2021. Congratulations to the author and coauthors! Mar.29, 2021.

 New   Our paper "A Prediction-Oriented Optimal Design for Visualization Recommender Systems" is accepted by Statistical Theory and Related Fields 2021. Congratulations to the author and coauthors! Mar.16, 2021.

 New   Our paper "Cluster-based Data Filtering for Manufacturing Big Data Systems" is accepted by Journal of Quality Technology 2021. Congratulations to the author and coauthors! Jan.11, 2021.

 New   Our paper "MOSS: Multi-modal Best Subset Modeling in Smart Manufacturing" is accepted by Sensors 2020. Congratulations to the author and coauthors! Dec.28, 2020.

 New   Our paper "AdaPipe: A Recommender System for Adaptive Computation Pipelines in Cyber-Manufacturing Computation Services" is accepted by IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics 2020. Congratulations to the author and coauthors!

 New   Our paper "Family Learning: A Process Modeling Method for Cyber-Additive Manufacturing Network" is accepted by IISE Transactions 2020. 

 New   Our paper "PRIME: A Personalized Recommendation for Information Visualization Methods via Extended Matrix Completion" is accepted by ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems 2020. Congratulations to the author and coauthors!


Dr. Ran Jin

Associate Professor 

President for Virginia Tech Engineering Faculty Organization (EFO

Associate Editor, ASME Transactions, Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, 2020-present

Associate Editor, IISE Transactions, Focus Issue on Design and Manufacturing, 2017-present

Associate Editor, INFORMS Journal on Data Science

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