Welcome to the Spin Magnetic Lab! 

We are an experimental lab headed by Prof. Satoru Emori in the Experimental Condensed Matter group in the Physics Department at Virginia Tech

Our research interests are in magnetic thin films with robust spin-driven physics. Many of the physical phenomena that we study are pronounced at room temperature and are essential for next-generation nanoscale computing and communications technologies. 


Current and prospective graduate students in Virginia Tech's PhysicsMaterials Science, and Engineering programs interested in our research are encouraged to contact Prof. Emori (semori@vt.edu). 

There is a potential opening for undergraduate research in simulations of magnetization dynamics in nanoscale materials. Students comfortable with differential equations (e.g., a grade of A/A- in MATH 2214 preferred), Mathematica, Matlab, etc. are encouraged to contact Prof. Emori (semori@vt.edu).