7th Grade Social Studies

Updates and Announcements:

Imagine the world in 1450, before Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas. No cell phones, no planes, no indoor plumbing, no Bojangles and no internet! How did we survive? How did we communicate with each other? Why were people like Columbus exploring the world? How did religion, disease, geography, politics and other factors contribute to the world we see today?

In 7th grade social studies we will investigate and discover some of the reasons why our world is so connected today and how that affects us.

This class will expand the way you think and what you know about the world, but you must work hard. Come to class ready and excited to learn. There will be times when you are frustrated, so don’t forget that you can always ask for help. Just like Columbus and all explorers before and after, we are on this journey of discovery together!

The above video from World History For Us All is one perspective on how much time has passed in our universe, where humans appeared on the timeline, and the speed at which humans history began to expand (exponentially!).