Welcome to the Visitation Home & School Website

The Home and School Association’s primary purpose is to lend support to Visitation BVM school. The Association sponsors many social events for families as well as special programs that are presented to our students. Through the volunteer program, the Association organizes parents in their efforts to support our Catholic school. The Association also sponsors fundraising activities that help defray the cost of educating your child at Visitation BVM school by keeping book and stationery fees lower. Our membership consists of all families that are registered at Visitation BVM school.  The Home and School Association’s board is made up of five officers.  The Association’s success depends upon continual parental involvement.  We invite our new and existing parents and families to become active members of our Home and School Association.  We have many volunteers working on committees throughout the school year and with daily school activities (e.g. lunch monitors, computer and library aides). We are always looking for people to help us on our various committees throughout the school year.  Please read our committee descriptions and help us in any area where you are able.  Please use our directory to contact the responsible chairperson.  All adult volunteers must meet Archdiocesan and Parish clearance & training requirements before working with our children.  Click on “Volunteer Info” under “Parent Resources” for a complete description of clearance requirements. All parents are welcome to every H&S meeting.  We want to know you and serve you.  Consider joining us at our meetings throughout the year. You may e-mail us your questions or ideas at hands@visitationbvmschool.org
Thank you for your interest and involvement.
2016-2017 HASA Board
Nicole Peacock, President
MaryBeth Winters, Vice President
Jenn Petka, Treasurer
Donna Snyder, Recording Secretary
Melissa Murphy, Corresponding Secretary