Welcome to the Sevil Research Group

Welcome to the Sevil Research Group in Department of Intelligent Systems and Robotics at University of West Florida. Our aim is to study research areas that have theoretical and practical aspects, to examine real world implementations in different domains using techniques that offer solutions to a wide spectrum, and we try to advance the current state-of-the-art in robotics and intelligent systems in general. Our current and past research topics include:

  • Guidance, Navigation, and Control of Unmanned Vehicles

  • Fault Detection and Isolation, Data-driven Detection & Estimation

  • Computer Vision for Mobile Robots

  • Bio-inspired and Evolutionary Computational Methods

  • Distributed Behavior Models for Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Teams

Please check our research page for further details.

Open positions

There are PhD and MS student positions available. Please contact Dr. Sevil for further information.