Bruce Wydick

Professor of Economics
University of San Francisco

Blog: A site dedicated to exploring issues of globalization  and economic development through the lens of faith and economics.

Bio and University Website

Prospective Graduate Students for the Masters of Science in International and Development Economics See our web page with a short documentary on our IDEC Masters program. 

Pacific Conference for Development Economics: UC Davis will host the 2018 Pacific Conference for Development Economics on March 10.  Past conferences have been hosted by UCR (2017), Stanford (2016) UCSD (2015), UCLA (2014), San Francisco State / University of San Francisco (2013), UC Davis (2012), UC Berkeley (2011), University of Southern California (2010), San Francisco State University (2009), UC San Diego (2008), UC Davis (2007), Santa Clara University (2006), University of San Francisco (2005), and UC Berkeley (2004).  

Mayan Partners is a 501c(3) non-profit organization partnering with Quiche and Tzutuhil communities in the western Guatemalan highlands in the development of schools, water systems, and clinics that have strong local support.

Classes for Spring 2018:

Game Theory (undergraduate, Econ 318), Development Microeconomics (masters level, Econ 673)

 Classes for Fall 2018:

Applied Econometrics (masters level, Econ 627) , International Economic Development (UC Berkeley, Goldman School of Public Policy)

Bruce Wydick,
Aug 7, 2012, 10:10 AM