Welcome to the Woodshop

Students & Parents: Please refer to this webpage for any class information, assignments, & procedures.  My email address is kost@usd107.org.  This webpage and my email address are the best ways to communicate with me.  The links on the left side of this page will take you to class lesson plans, textbook readings, and assignments.

Mr. Ost's attendance policy:

If you are absent from class for anything other than a school activity (illness, appointments, etc.), you have two choices to make up the participation and project progress points.

1.  You may make arrangements to make up the shop time missed (in a timely manner) before school within a day or two of the absence.

2.  You may take a daily participation zero for the time missed.

It is up to the student to make arrangements for make-up time.  If no effort is made to do this, a zero will be recorded for the day(s) missed.     

Signing Out for School Activities from Mr. Ost's class:

Missed class time must be made-up prior to being "signed-out" for the event.  Please plan ahead, don't wait until the last minute.

*A minimum of 30 minutes of worktime must be made-up in order to be "signed-out".  I am available most mornings for you to make-up work time. 

* If you are involved in multiple activities that will be missing class time, you must make-up time for each class period missed.  This may mean that you need to make-up time multiple mornings in the same week.  Being organized and planning ahead is critical to prevent missing activities.

*Failure to make-up missed class time prior to the event will result in not getting "signed-out" for that event.  If you did not get "signed-out" for an event, I will expect to see you in class.