CHIST-ERA project "Interactive Grounded Language Understanding"

The IGLU project website can be found here.

Authors and collaborators:

Pablo Azagra, Ana C Murillo, Javier Civera
Yoan Mollard, Florian Golemo, Manuel Lopes

Brief Description of the MHRI dataset:

The dataset includes recordings from 10 different users teaching the robot different common kitchen objects, that consists of synchronized recordings from three cameras and a microphone mounted on the robot:
  • An RGB-d camera covers the user manipulation and interaction with the robot
  • An RGB-d camera mounted on the top of the robot provides a top view of the whole scenario
  • A HD-RGB camera points to the user head to capture face and expressions

To browse, download or get more info on the dataset please go here.


Baxter robot used to collect the data and samples from the dataset recordings.