You are welcomed to my page. I am 

Srwa Jalal Hama, with the Master Degree in Population Geography, teaching in the Geography Dept. of Humanities Faculty /Sulaimany University 

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Census: Victoria population growth lags western trend
Within my academic career I have taught these topics and modules:
1.The American Geography in my own faculty  and University.
2. The Tourism Geography in the Geography Dept. at the University of Raparreen/ Rania City.
3-The Human Geography in the Fundamental Education /Social Sciences in both morning ad evening departments.
4-The Geography of Transportation in the Geography Dept. of my ow Faculty and University.
5-The Natural Resources in the aforementioned dept.in 4th point above.
6-Population Geography i the same dept. mentioned above.    
My research interests focus on;
1. The Geography of Population and their distribution in specific areas.