Department of Computer Course(OS)

Stage: 4th 
Classroom: 3064
No. of Students: 116

Department of Computer Course(DS)
Stage: 1 st
Classroom: G035
No. of Students: 75
Also Supervising the OS Lab.

At the Faculty of Science and Science Education, Computer Science Department, I am teaching two course namely;

1. Operating System Concepts (OS) .
2. Discrete Structures (DS).
and supervising  OS  Lab.

OPerating System lectures:
 course book Download
 introduction to OS Download
 Process Download
 Thread Download
 CPU scheduling Download

Discrete Structure lectures:
 course bookDownload
 set theory Download

My Philosophy in Teaching

As academic staff i am considering University as the most appropriate  place for developing people qualifications and culture. Students will make essential benefits from learning skills in different domains.academic person must focus in both knowledge and personality sides for his/her students .Following some standards in teaching & learning processes to ensure quality of represented skills.One of the most important aspect of student qualification development can be implemented by encouraging team works .Since work space need well educated people and qualified with this aspect. finally,improving staff qualifications through engaging researches in different fields and focusing problem solving type of research to be more effective.