Welcome to my Academic profile page
My name is    Rasul Rafiq Aziz Gurun
 and I'm a   Lecturer with MSc .
 degree in Pomology ((Plant Propagation)) 
teaching in the Horticulture Department,
Kurdistan Region, F.R. Iraq

  • B.Sc.  in Agricultural Sciences,  University of Sulaimani, Iraqi Kurdistan, 2004.
  • M.Sc.  in Pomology, University of Sulaimani, Iraqi Kurdistan, 2011.

h-index: 0 (according to Google Scholar Citation)

Mobile No: (+964) - 07801583155
Budding on Wild Almond

I teach several topics at my College:

1. deciduous fruit tree propagation/practical
2. evergreen fruit tree propagation/practical
3.fruit and vegetable production /practical

My research interests focus on:

1. budding of pistachio
2. budding and grafting in fruits
3.fruit propagation