I'm an Assistant Lecturer with an MS.c degree in Food Science, teaching in the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at University of Sulaimani in Kurdistan Region, F.R. Iraq

MSc in Food Science
BSc in Animal Production


Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Animal Production, College of Agricultural Sciences -University of Sulaimani, second top student out of thirty-four graduates, for the first trial with an average of 83.07%

Master of Science (MSc) in Food Science, College of Agricultural Sciences - University of Sulaimani with (Very Good) grade by an average of 84.83%.

2012- Present 
I am currently doing PhD in food quality and health at School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, Newcastle University, UK.

Research Interests 
My research interests focus on the field of food analysis, links between food quality and human health.

Current Work

I am working on the effect of nitrogen fertiliser relates to nitrate content and phytochemical compounds including secondary metabolites and other bioactive non-nutritional compounds.


2012 – Present Member of Human Nutrition Research Centre (HNRC) at Newcastle University
2013 – Present Member of the Nutrition Society - Advancing Nutritional Science.
2016 – Present Member of Institute for Ageing - at Newcastle University