Department of Computer 

1- Programming Fundamentals
Stage: First 
No. of Students: 120

2- Compiler and Computation (Practice) (2015 - 2016)
Stage: Third
No. of Students: 120 

At the Faculty of Science and Science Education, Computer Science Department, I am teaching one course namely;
Currently I am teaching "Fundamentals of Programming" to the first grade students. This subject is 3 hours theory and 2 hours practice in a week.

Course book:
Programming Fundamentals Course book download

 Theory Lectures:  Practice Lectures:

                 Lecture Name
Lesson 1: Introduction to Computers and Programs  Open
Lesson 2- Introduction to Java  Open
Lesson 3- Introduction to Basic Programming Concepts  Open
Lesson 4- Primitive Data Types I  Open
Lesson 5- Primitive Data Types II   Open
Lesson 6- Control Statements I (Selection Statements)  Open
Lesson 7- Control Statements II (Loops)           Open
Lesson 8- Arrays  Open
Lesson 9- Methods  Open
Lesson 10- Flowchart  Open

Lecture Name
 Practic - Lecture_1    Open
 Practic - Lecture_2       Open
 Practic - Lecture_3     Open
 Practic - Lecture_4   Open
 Practic - Lecture_5         Open
 Practic - Lecture_6   Open
 Practic - Lecture_7   Open
 Practic - Lecture_8   Open

Text books for Programming Fundamentals course:

1- "Introduction to Java Programming: Comprehensive Version" by Y. Daniel Liang, 10th ed.         Open
2- "Java How to Program" by Paul Deitel and Harvey Deitel, 9th ed.                                Open 

Software requirements for Programming Fundamentals course:

        JDK 8 + TextPad                                                                                                                                   Open