Profeesor Hamal Haji Karim

Professor Kamal Haji Karim

My Academic Profile  

MY name:
Kamal Haji Karim

My academic Degree:
 professor at
the School of    Science, University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, F.R. Iraq.

Specialization: Ph.D  in Geology (Sedimentology)

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My mobile: (+964) - 07701571445

My web site:                           (The largest geological site in the
                          Middle East)

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Field survey with  my son Yad  in the Yakhyan valley  on the eastern plunge of Piramagroon  (Piramagrun)  anticline (mountain)

 Teaching activity:
 2-Optical Mineralogy
3-Metamorphic Rocks
5-Acadimic debate
6-Igneous Rocks
6-Sedimentary basin

My research interests focus on:
1. Sedimentology

My Course  book

My Published Papers  (click here to see  all  full texts of all papers)

Nature of Kurdistan: the Sargelu valley in which  Chia Gara, Sarmord and Qamchuqa Formation are exposed from foreground to back ground  respectively