Department of plastic art Course(Free work Art)

Stage: 3th 
Classroom: A- B
No. of Students: 26

Department of plastic of fine art Course(History of Modern Art)
Stage: 4th
Classroom: Ceramic - Sculpture- painting 
No. of Students: 48

Department of plastic of fine art Course For Master Degrees Stage , i have 2 subject 
1- Seminar 
2- Principe of Modernism in the Visual Art    
stage : master degrees
Class Room : Ceramic - Sculpture- painting
No. of Students: 4

At the Faculty of languages and humanities,in school of fine art,  Department of plastic art , I am teaching two course namely;

1. history of Contemporary art - stage 4th   

 كۆرس بووكی  مێژووی هونه‌ری هاوچه‌رخ -History of Contemporary Art's Course Book 

                         كليك له‌م (PDF) بكه‌ بۆ بینینی كۆرس بووكه‌كه‌                                  
2. free work art  - stage 3th

My Philosophy in Teaching

Dr Jaza Baker
Jaza Baker lectures and researches in Visual Art (both theory and practical) at Art school, Sulaimani University.
As a professional and academic lecturer, his focus are as follow:
- The influential role of Art in the development and progress of society, culture and civilisation as whole.
- To strengthen the principal fundamentals of Art in Students mind
- Further enhancements of scientific and academic researches done in the area of Visual Art
- Assisting students to become future talented Art teachers
- Introducing Kurdish culture through Art
- To spread Art literature within Kurdish society
- Author of (The philosophy and technics of art movements)
- Translated from arabic into kurdish (Modern Sculpture Art)