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About me

I have been serving the community at Unity High School since 2002 as a Special Education Teacher. I earned my Bachelor’s degree at Eastern Illinois University and have a Master’s degree from the University of Illinois. As a special education teacher, I also serve as a case manager. My case management duties include organizing and managing a variety of academic services for students. More specifically, these duties include counseling students on academic matters, coordinating and staffing a resource class, assisting students and the guidance office with student schedule development, developing and delivering learning strategies for a culturally diverse group of students as well as those with variety of differing academic needs. Additionally, some of my duties as a special educator include teaching self-contained classes, cooperative classes, and collaborating with regular education teachers to assist students with their necessary accommodations or academic needs. I also collaborate with regular education teachers and building staff to help monitor progress of individual educational goals for students to insure student accommodations are correctly implemented and utilized by both the student and other staff members responsible for teaching and/or assisting specific student needs.

What I like to do with my spare time is to spend time with my family, read books, and go to state parks.